Top Ten Best Comics


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Sep 15, 2004
We had a thread about which were your favourite 10 comics currently, but IGN have made two lists which have the top 10 best comics.



Do you agree or disagree? Changes to be made? Why?
Not my personal list, but it's heavy on the Brubaker and Millar, so I'm happy with it.

I definitely wouldn't say Civil War is Marvel's best title, though. Close, but not the best.
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Marvel: I think Daredevil should be #1. It's Marvel's best book right now. Punisher MAX should also be on the list somewhere, probably with UFF somewhere as well. Otherwise, it's pretty good...

DC: Fables as #1 is a good choice. Detective Comics should be on there, though.
I can see political books with loosely left wing points in both lists.

That's fine, but where are the conservative books? Are there none? Are they no good? Or what?

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