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Oct 24, 2004
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I did the movie one, but I think this will be a little easier.

Top Ten Television Shows I've Seen

1. Slings & Arrows - Canadian TV Show about Performing Shakespeare (much better and funnier than it sounds)
2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - 'Nuff Said
3. The West Wing - This would beat buffy if it hadn't gotten so bad in its fifth and sixth seasons. Seven was an improvement, but the first four seasons are wonderful
4. Arrested Development - My favorite television comedy ever...
5. Dead Like Me - Fantastic show about Grim Reapers starring Mandy Patinkin
6. Firefly - Had this series continued, i am positive it would have surpassed even Buffy... But as it is, this show is still brilliant.
7. Scrubs - Absurd Hospital Comedy. Zach Braff is adorable. Recently it hasn't been up to its own standards, but all of the great episodes outweigh the bad ones.
8. Everwood - I can't really explain my love for this series. Its sappy and adorable and makes me feel good, so just shut up and deal with it. (also: used to be reaaally attracted to Gregory Smith)
9. Venture Bros. - The Crown Jewel of the Adult Swim line-up, in this man's oppinion. It's just a brilliant, fantastic show.
10. Weeds - If only for Mary Louise Parker... Every episode of this show is delightful, down to the introduction of Zooey Deschanel as the ****ing CRAZY ex girlfriend of one of the leads.

We'll see where Angel ends up fitting in, i'm working through it now... 30 Rock is coming in at a close eleventh place to replace Weeds. Heroes is going to need to prove that it can sustain itself for longer than one season (if we were judging season-by-season, the first season of Lost would probably have been up there)... The American Office is probably somewhere in the next five slots, along with The Batman Animated Series...
1. Seinfeld
2. Arrested Development

Everything else sucks.
1. 24 - I cannot express how much I love this show. Season 6 has been kind of up and down, but it seems to be picking up again. My favorite show, easily.
2. Heroes - Everyone should be watching this. Really, truely awesome.
3. Firefly - I think everyone knows why this is here. I loves teh firefly.
4. House M.D. - In my opinion, the best medical show ever. Or at least, the only one that doesn't bore me to death. The fact that a hospital show interests me is amazing.
5. Batman: TAS - The best cartoon ever. Anyone who disagrees is wrong.
6. West Wing - What can I say? I like politics. Ok, so that's a lie, but I enjoyed this show.
7. Supernatural - Too episodic in nature, but still a very enjoyable show.
8. Justice League Unlimited - Bruce Timm. Yeah.
9. Southpark - Pure funniness.
10. Deadwood - Bass wouldn't stop talking about this show. So I downloaded the first season. And then the second. And then the third. Because that's chronologically correct.

Some people may complain about the lack of "Lost" on my list. Lost is over rated. Some people may complain about the lack of Buffy/Angel. That's because I can't stand those shows. God, they suck at hunting vampires. I would be much better.
I see you've failed to mention Doctor Who...

I didn't realize there were other Who fans on here. I can't find a thread for the show, so I'm starting one.

Looking at the list, I've only seen Arrested Development, Firefly, Buffy and Dead Like Me. I think their arrangement in relation to each other is pretty fair, though I can't speak for the others. Of course, you have to consider what the criteria is, since you can't judge a comedy and a drama on the same categories.

I also like Wade's list. Yeah, Lost isn't as great as some people think it is. However, I'd describe most of his shows as "most enjoyable" rather than "the greatest".
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This is going to be tough... I may just do current TV shows.

Here goes.

1. The Simpsons -- The gold standard of television, even if today's episodes don't hold up as well as they used to.
2. The Office -- The U.S. version - the best show on today's TV right now.
3. Arrested Development -- The funniest comedy, perfect at 53 episodes.
4. LOST -- The best drama on the air.
5. Scrubs -- Hits a high note 90 percent of the time.
6. South Park -- It gets better and better with age.
7. 24 -- Seasons can be hit and miss, but when they succeed, even the minor faults during the season can be dismissed.
8. My Name is Earl -- Relaunced NBC's comedy lineup with white-trash class
9. Family Guy -- I dare you not to laugh.
10. The Soup -- The perfect way to kick off the weekend; who needs parties?
10 - Avatar The Last Airbender
While the first season was good, it become brilliant with the second season. Great use of the different elements and how they relate to each other. Brillant action scenes.

9 - Justice League Unlimited
The greatest superhero cartoon ever. From gritty on the street stories to time travel then to magic and myth and back to space again. This show as it all and all characters have a moment to shine.

8 - Firefly
If this show continued it would of been huge. But it ranks high in the list cause it had a set ending with the movie. Making it a full story.

7 - Xena - Warrior Princess
A show that made me love Greek mythos. I never felt any really favor for Xena but the cast was great and worked well with Hercules.

6 - Hercules - The Legendary Journeys
The real show. Hercules was a hero and had very tragic events surround him. Great villains and allies.

5 - Lost
Lost is one of the most mindblogging shows in history. For every question answered you get 5 more in the process.

4 - Prison Break
The first season set the bar high with the show. Fantastic acting and characters. Some you love and some you really hate. It keeps you on edge every episode.

3 - Fullmetal Alchemist
Beautifully written. The most tragic show I have ever seen. Everybody needs to see this show.

2 - Angel
Angel might surpass it's sister show of Buffy. While I view them one and the same. I have not yet watched all of Angel. But I love the the hero seeking redemption. It's a big part of the show with the redemption of Faith and the return of Darla.

1 - Buffy The Vampire Slayer
My favorite show of all time. Brillant characters and dialogue. The way they play off of each other really makes this stand out. Their are moments where you can feel what the characters feel.

Batman TAS is highly overrated. Some scenes make no sense and it was good when it came out. And I do get entertained by it. But I was never a big fan until it became JL.
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The Shield
The Wire
Prison Break
Dream Team
South Park
X-Men TAS 90`s
Round The Bend
Jayce & The Wheeled Warriors

some i might have to explain
Dream Team - football drama based on fictional football team. bad acting, cheap, ridiculously high amount of deaths at the end of every series....i love it!
Round The Bend - This got banned in the late 80s for being Anarchistic. it was a kids show presented by a crocodile living in a sewer with some rats and they had a bunch of random cartoons on every show, some of which parodies current pop culture
Jayce & The Wheeled Warriors - From the Netherlands. im not sure how i would feel if i watched this show today but back in the late 80s/early 90s i was hooked i used to get up super early on sunday mornings for this one. dude named jayce searching for his father across the galaxy battles these plant/cars whilst driving some cars that had ace weaponry

i couldnt rank any of em
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I'm barely even rated. I'm almost like, not even known.

And Seinfeld's on not your list. It's not even an honorable mention from you!

Please. If I were to rate you, you would get a high rating. Just because I know that people would complain about it, because you deserve a much lower rating than the one I would give you.

And Seinfeld is on my list. You need to look harder.
Stop listing Buffy you wanks!:noway:

My eleven favourite shows of all time:

11. Quantum Leap

10. I Love Lucy

9. The first season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

8. Batman: The Animated Series

7. Seinfeld

6. Frasier

5. Justice League/Justice League Unlimited

4. Arrested Development

3. The first 3 Seasons of Smallville

2. The Simpsons

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Here is my top ten favourite

10 Scrubs
9 Simpsons
8 Futurama
7 Frasier
6 Dragonball Z
4 buffy
3 Angel
2 Dawson's creek
1 Smallville
Don't know how I forgot to add Frasier. Editing...

Smallville as #3? Smallville as #1?

Shame, shame...

The FIRST THREE SEASONS of Smallville as #3.

And it really was head and shoulders above anything else on TV back then. The people who should be ashamed are the ones who don't have any shows from before 1992 on their lists. Or shows that haven't been on long enough to define themselves yet, like Heroes.
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Don't know how I forgot to add Frasier. Editing...

Frasier would DEFINITELY be in the top 15, and a little more consideration might make me replace Weeds.

My only problem with the show is i never really liked frasier, EVERY supporting cast member i was in love with, Niles, Roz, his father, daphne... but never frasier crane...
Frasier would DEFINITELY be in the top 15, and a little more consideration might make me replace Weeds.

My only problem with the show is i never really liked frasier, EVERY supporting cast member i was in love with, Niles, Roz, his father, daphne... but never frasier crane...

This is true.

Niles Crane is possibly my favourite TV character of all time.
Frasier would DEFINITELY be in the top 15, and a little more consideration might make me replace Weeds.

My only problem with the show is i never really liked frasier, EVERY supporting cast member i was in love with, Niles, Roz, his father, daphne... but never frasier crane...

I liked Frasier but only because IMO his interaction wiith other characters is what made them cool.

Niles was great probably my favourite and loved him at the first 7 more when he secretly in love daphne but my favourite thing with niles was his and fraisers arguments :lol:

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