Top Ten Greatest Television Shows of All Time

Don't know how I forgot to add Frasier. Editing...

The FIRST THREE SEASONS of Smallville as #3.

And it really was head and shoulders above anything else on TV back then. The people who should be ashamed are the ones who don't have any shows from before 1992 on their lists. Or shows that haven't been on long enough to define themselves yet, like Heroes.

If you noticed, DSF had a big banner that said "top 10 television show's I've seen". So, I don't watch much TV that "came from before 1992". Ok. And while the first three seasons of smallville were pretty good, I just don't really find them, or the others, to be top-quality shows. But then again, it's just your opinion.

And leave Heroes out of this. This is between me, you and Smallville.
10.Fresh Prince of Bel-Ai
9. Saved by the bell
8. Malcom in the middle
6.The Wire
5. Rome
4.Family guy

10 - Seinfeld
9 - Scrubs
8 - Futurama
7 - Simpsons
6 - Batman TAS
5 - Stargate SG1
4 - Angel
3 - Justice League Unlimited
2 - The Office
1 - Heroes
Like I said, ashamed.
I've watched plenty of shows that came before 1992. But if I made my list, none of them would be on because plenty of shows now out-do them. And don't tell me to be "ashamed" because I'm not and won't be. Different people, different tastes (and I'm saying this in general).
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Like I said, ashamed.

i think its a rediculous thing to say... The only thing pre-92 that would come close would be MASH, and i havent seen enough of it to count it. The more contemporary shows deal with the aspects of life that are relevant to me, not to mention the fact that they can do more with tv today than they ever could before now...

There's plenty of good stuff that came out in the 60's, 70's, and 80's. But they reflect a different set of tastes and values than my own... My humor and taste looks for the sort of shows i can relate to and enjoy sincerely.

To each his own, i guess.
The Office
Family Guy
Mighty Max
Batman: TAS
Arrested Development
The Twilight Zone
Robot Chicken
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