Twitter, anyone?


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Does anybody else here use Twitter?

It's yet *another* personal communications and social networking service. Consider it "short message blogging" or "micro-blogging". Basically, you make posts with a 140-character limit (no HTML formatting allowed). These are displayed on your Twitter page, or sent as IMs or text messages to the people who have listed you as a 'Friend'.

It's ideal for quick update type stuff. If you include a URL, it's automatically converted into a link.

If anybody else here would like to add me, my screen name is ipisdei

This is my page:

If you're already a Twitter user, post your link here.

J. Agamemnon

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I'm too embarrassed to twitter in front of other people.

Everyone is shy their first time. Just tap the buttons a few times until your comfortable enough to hit enter. And if you accidentally make a syntax error, we could always hit the delete button. Just make sure to tab out....when you start a new paragraph.


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More of you should be Twittering. If anything just so you can read Moonie's real-time movie reviews.

Moonie, Proj, TOG, Ninja4peace and I are all on.


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I posted about that scarecrow movie in the cult movie thread and Joe Kalicki said it was imaginary or something.

I never saw it. Moonmaster's commentary was enough for me.


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Proj recently had a series of tweets about the state of noodles. It was was quite enlightening.

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