Twitter, anyone?


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Feb 28, 2005
Metro Manila, Philippines
Does anybody else here use Twitter?

It's yet *another* personal communications and social networking service. Consider it "short message blogging" or "micro-blogging". Basically, you make posts with a 140-character limit (no HTML formatting allowed). These are displayed on your Twitter page, or sent as IMs or text messages to the people who have listed you as a 'Friend'.

It's ideal for quick update type stuff. If you include a URL, it's automatically converted into a link.

If anybody else here would like to add me, my screen name is ipisdei

This is my page:

If you're already a Twitter user, post your link here.
I'm too embarrassed to twitter in front of other people.
I'm too embarrassed to twitter in front of other people.

Everyone is shy their first time. Just tap the buttons a few times until your comfortable enough to hit enter. And if you accidentally make a syntax error, we could always hit the delete button. Just make sure to tab out....when you start a new paragraph.
More of you should be Twittering. If anything just so you can read Moonie's real-time movie reviews.

Moonie, Proj, TOG, Ninja4peace and I are all on.
I really need to post those on here...
I posted about that scarecrow movie in the cult movie thread and Joe Kalicki said it was imaginary or something.

I never saw it. Moonmaster's commentary was enough for me.
Proj recently had a series of tweets about the state of noodles. It was was quite enlightening.

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