UC: The Lurker War

Where is Scarecrow? I haven't seen him since April.
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Chapter 6: Curse the Darkness

"This must have been the plan from the start," muttered Iceshadow. "Distract us long enough so that they could sneak into the castle and grab E and Seldes."

"Yeah, but why do they want them?" said Twi, pacing up and down.

"I don't know and to be honest I don't care," said Houde. "All I know is we need to get them back."

Back in the UC Castle, the assembled group argued over the best course of action.

"We need to work out a plan." said Proj.

"Screw planning. We need to get in there and get them back." yelled Baxter.

"Yeah, that's a great idea Bax. Then when we jump in the hole, they'll rape us to death, eat our flesh, and sew our skin into their clothing. And if we're really lucky, they'll do it in that order."

Everyone stopped to see who said the last comment. In the doorway stood a robed and hooded figure. The figure exuded a regal aura, one which simultaneously brought calm

to the group and commanded respect. The group paused for a second.

"For God's sake stop quoting Firefly Bass," muttered Doom, "and if you don't put my new bathrobe back right now so help me I will kick your *** till it's a brand new shape."

"Guys," said Buttmonkey, who had been silent up until now. "I think what we need to do is split up into two smaller teams, one group to stay here and defend the castle and a

small strike team to go down into the tunnels and rescue our guys."

"Buttmonkey might be onto something," said Ice. "A smaller team might have more chance to get past the Lurkers in the tunnels."

"Who's gonna go down there though? It's pretty much a suicide run." muttered Proj.

"I'll go. It was my idea after all." said Buttmonkey.

Baxter stepped forward. "Count me in."

"I've been looking for a chance to try out my new toy," grinned Houde, loading his shotgun. "I call it the Boomstick 5000. It's got a nuclear power core."

Everyone moved a few paces away from Houde.

"I'm coming." muttered Iceshadow.

Moonmaster stepped forward and nodded.

Langsta, who was not paying attention, tripped over his shoelace, stumbling forward.

"Ok then," said Buttmonkey, "That settles it. You guys stay and defend the castle. Me, Bax, Houde, Iceshadow, Moony and Langsta will hit the tunnels and get our guys back."

"I'm doing whatnow?" said Langsta.

Thirty minutes later, the strike team had geared up and were ready to hit the tunnels.

"Good luck guys." said Ice.

"Keep the castle in one piece." said Buttmonkey. "Houde, is the entrance to the tunnel clear?"

Houde looked into the darkened cavern.

"Looks it. Suit up guys," muttered Houde, loading his shotgun, "We're going in."
Chapter 7: The Infinite Mystery

The priests led Scarecrow into the dark chambers of the Black Temple. The walls of the fortress seemed to be carved from polished onyx. Stone gargoyles leered from the

walls, almost ready to strike at a moments notice.

"This temple was carved from the very earth to pay homage to the greatest force the world has ever seen." said the leader of the priests. "He Who Lurks gave us the power to

control the shadows, the night, the darkness in mans' soul. In return, we have given him our souls."

"You mentioned a mark I had?" said Scarecrow. "What is the Mark of the Chaos-Bringer?"

"You are the chosen one."

"You will bring the rise of The Dweller of the Utterdark."

"You are the Darksoul."

Scarecrow looked around in shock as more priests almost stepped from the walls of the chamber.

"But what does that mean?" Scarecrow growled.

"Come," whispered the head priest, as the others melded into the shadow once more. "There is much more to explain..."

Scarecrow and his guide made their way further into the chambers of the Black Temple in silence until they reached a huge room. In the centre of the room was a huge block of

what looked like the same onyx that temple was constructed from.

"He Who Lurks led us here. He gave us the ability to fight the feeble powers of our lesser brethren during the Great Sundering and He gave us eternity when we sealed

ourselves into His temple."

The priest moved slowly towards the obelisk in the centre of the room.

"His essence and spirit was bound to a great helm and sword that was bestowed upon our greatest champion. The treacherous shaman who led our short-sighted brothers

assassinated him as he slept and entombed his body within a prison of black crystal."

Scarecrow suddenly noticed a skeletal face staring out from the obelisk before him.

"Is this…?"

"Yes," said the priest. "Our champion, the bearer of the essence of our Lord, stands before you."

"This is who I am to bring the second coming of?"


"But how am I supposed to do this? Stop talking in riddles!"

"Very well. Your soul will be consumed in the Ceremony of Awakening, and our dark champion will be freed from the crystal tomb."

"Like hell I will." growled Scarecrow.
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