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  1. Random

    Ultimate Central: The Fanfic - Volume Twelve

    We're back baby! With great new tales of superheroing! Leading forward with new co-editors Houde and Random Ultimate Central: The Fanfic - Volume Twelve!! If you never partaken with this fanfic, what the hell is wrong with you? Go back and read all the issues: Check our the Ultimate...
  2. SSJmole

    UC Podcast idea.

    Hello everyone I would like to propose a podcast for UC. I will go in to What it is or how we do it so please bare with me. Also I know it's been talked about before but here goes : First - Only people with microphones may participate (you'll understand why.) Second - We create a thread...
  3. Grocer Man

    What You Have Learned From The Comic Board

    Self-explanatory. -Everyone (on the Internet, anyway) is either gay, a girl, or a Skrull, and it is only a matter of time before they admit it. -Mole can read Watchmen, give good advice and bring about thoughtful discussion...and he will stil respond to good news with the phrase "cool as...
  4. Dr.Strangefate

    UC Noir

    I light a cigarette. Third one this hour. My lungs are heavy, but I need something to convince this sewer rat to talk, and the gun’s in the car. “Tell me!” I growl. “**** you!” Says the sewer rat. I hold the lit butt right up close to the kid’s eye. I can feel the sweat beading up on his...
  5. Ice

    U.C. Greatest. Member. 2-Double 0-9! FINAL ROUND, YO!!

    This is it! This is the moment we've all been waiting for! ULTIMATE CENTRAL GREATEST MEMBER 2009 THE FINAL ROUND!! The H is on O!!! After some grueling and intense weeks, we've finally reached the finale! This is the battle...the fight between.... PROJECTX2 VS OURCHAIR Now go...
  6. E

    The Comic Board is on Facebook

    Become a fan, because you love us. http://www.facebook.com/pages/SMACKBOMBcom/35805952327
  7. Dr.Strangefate

    UC Member Pictures III - The New Frontier

    I was going to resurrect the last thread, but decided to start a new one, since the last one jumped past the 1000 mark. Here is me being attacked by a camera as I gather recipes for food-making. Here is me with one of my lady-friends at a party:
  8. Ice

    Ultimate Central: Which Con for '09?

    So which con are people thinking for 2009? I've been told by two people (and seen another mention it) about WWPhilly. And Houde has said he does not want to go back. I myself am thinking about SDCC. As a fan, I want to go to this con at least once. But what are the thoughts of the Ultimate...
  9. Hellsbuttmonkey

    UC: The Lurker War

    A little teaser to start things off... Prologue: In the Dark, Waiting to Come Out…. Several months had passed since the vast majority of the UC residents were banished from the Castle, due to a failed coup lead by Moonmaster and Planet-Man. The mass exiles lead to a gang of dirty...
  10. Joe Kalicki

    Ultimate Central Wiki

    So, for anyone who missed it in the Member News thread or whatever, there's a new wiki all about us here at Ultimate Central. It's completely free to join and you can sign up and start editing and adding information as soon as you like. Some of us have already started on it and it's shaping up...
  11. Gothamite

    Site/Member News

    Could we get some 'Site/Member News' posted on the main page that announces any exciting new threads or worthwhile happenings (i.e. members getting banned and why, etc.)? I really can't see why it's not already there. It would just strengthen the already excellent community-feel these boards...
  12. Dr.Strangefate

    Ultimate Central: The Fanfic - Volumes Ten and Eleven

    World Famous Creator of the Ultimate Central Cartoon, Random, is back to bring you a new story in the Ultimate Central Fanfic Universe!!!!! Ultimate Central: The Fanfic - Volume Ten!! For those of you unfamiliar with the series, I beg you to read through our archives (which will hopefully...
  13. SSJmole

    Ultimate Central Z

    This was done for fun really and as an experiment too see how this turns out. Note : Less pages than my Awesome Spidey one Characters in this issue E Ice Houde Android D00M Android H1BIK1 (as numbers didn't come out right in font)
  14. Hibiki

    Where Are They Now? UC! Hollywood True Stories

    I've noticed alot of members have been absent lately. Some just recent and some for quite some time. Among those being EViL, SlimJim, Pandrio, Zombipanda, Doc Comic and I know I'm missing a few more. There were also ones I've seen in ressurrected threads recently like Synch and some guy named...
  15. Dr.Strangefate

    Ultimate Central: The Fanfic - Volume 9

    UC-Favorite Fan-Fiction Creator and Mad-Scientist, Ultimate Houde RETURNS TO THE ULTIMATE CENTRAL FAN-FIC UNIVERSE!!!! Ultimate Central: The Fanfic - Volume Nine!! For those of you unfamiliar with the series, I beg you to read through our archives (which will hopefully oneday be updated...
  16. Dr.Strangefate

    Ultimate Central: The Fanfic - Volume 8

    Random, animator of the highly acclaimed UC Cartoon, is bringing us the next arc of this, the fan fic forum's Crown Jewel is our tiny corner of the Internet! Ultimate Central: The Fanfic - Volume Eight!! For those of you unfamiliar with the series, I beg you to read through our archives...
  17. Dr.Strangefate

    Ultimate Central: The Fanfic - Volume 7

    After a slight change in our scheduled line-up, we have our dear friend Ultimate Houde bringing us back to the regular series of Ultimate Central: The Fanfic!!!! This series, an intregal and unique aspect of this Message Board, began a few short years ago... Our heroes, the Avatars...
  18. Seldes Katne

    Confused, UC

    Confused, UC By Seldes Katne Seldes Katne printed the last of her agenda items on the list and scanned the room full of Ultimate Central authors. Beside her, Ice jotted notes to himself for his next chapter of Essential X-Men; on the other side, Project X2 turned a page in the latest...
  19. Ultimate Houde

    Ultimate Central the Fanfic: Team Up

    Beginning Wednesday, the Ultimate Central the Fanfic returns with the Team Up series. After the events of the nonexistant Issue 50, Ultimate Houde was left a scarred man, emotionally and physically. Going back to his home in Boston, he wonders where his missing girlfriend could have ended...
  20. Ultimate Houde

    UC: Stuck

    Forty Random People invited to partake in a Steamboat's Maiden Voyage. Forty Random People with intertwining pasts and the strangest of knots that connect them all. Forty Random People are STUCK! Coming....MONDAY! The Beginning to a new ride, brought to you by the strange mind who brought...