Ult Spidey 79 cover

Wow, another incredibly dull cover BUT THIS TIME WITH GLOOP!

USM. Covers. Suck.
:lol: You've got me laughing, Cad. That's a good thing.

I really hope this issue pulls it out, though. It sounds like it's going to be a cool arc.
It looks like he's swimming in liquified horse poop. Like he's standing under a horse with a diarrhea problem.
Yeah, this cover's fine... I usually don't have too much trouble with the cover's coloring. It's the interiors that are really riding on me.

Also, I would LOVE to see the Lizard return. I doubt it will happen since there's already so much going on in the title, but that would be a cool thing to see.
yes it is

ultimatedjf said:
Hey, I like it. But didn't we already see this in #78's letters page? :wink:

The Captain said:
cover to # 79.... WARRIORS pt 1 !!!!!!!!!!
pretty generic but better than most it. is the image of the last page in the comments-like area in issue 78...it interests me though for some odd reason, i guess simply cause its another issue that i have hopes for...i just hope i wont be let down..
Compared to some of the other covers out there, this is one of the better ones. The coloring is nice and it has a nice composition. It does, however, look very generic which kind of takes away from it. Nice artwork though.

Which leads me to a complaint. Bagley is one of my favorite artists out there, rather, he has been one of my favorites since I started comics. I don't like his stuff as Deodato's or Hitch's but it's still great. I've been thinking about the quality in USM and I was thinking ' wow his stuff isn't so good.."

Then I saw the uncolored inked page or two of an upcoming issue and I realized his artwork is still amazing, but the color artist is really screwing up his stuff. I know some people on here are complaining about the color and i can definately see why.

I wish they'd get the guy who did the newest spectacular spider-man series.. from issue 1-6 (The Venom issues). The ones drawn by Humberto Ramos.

Anyways, enough rambling ^^;
Got to agree. The coloring is screwing things but so also is Bendis's go nowhere in 2 trades idea he has going on. I'm afraid to grab USM 78 only because I might realize I wasted my money.
Sadly I have to agree. USM used to be my favorite title out there, but the stories quality have been declining somewhat. I don't think they're particularly horrid (And bendis is a good writier..he's just slacking off on USM) they just don't have the flare they used to.

Bendis is awesome on new avengers though, that series ROCKS.
Spade said:
this is gonna b the sweetest *** arc EVER!!!!

While inside I'm thinking the same, I'm also struggling with the point of all this. I think that it's just going to be this pointless gang war where super heroes just stop by so that Bendis can say that those characters showed up as promised. I really don't want to see Black Cat unless she's going to play a big part in this story. I don't want to see Moonknight if he's just going to disappear by the end of this. I mean, I'm looking forward to this, but not... Understand?
I thought Bendis was planning to develop the Ultimate Moon Knight character further beyond the Warriors arc?

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