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Jun 16, 2004
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The mile stone issue was another solid one written by Vaughan and drawn up by Andy Kubert! Gambit's character was one of the most interesting and most impressive of the "new" characters (It's been so long since we've seen him, we might as well call him new) next to Sam Wilson. The issue was action packed and the plot is already beginning to thicken... Most Ultimate titles have to have three issues to start up the actual story, however, Vaughan jumps right into the action. Great characterization and I'm loving Storm right now! If only Colossus had more time like she was getting!
Well you can only do one at a time to do it properly. Especially in a cast this size, when you've got filling out Dazzler, Rogue-Bobby-Kitty, and other character threads to worry about. Anyhow Gambit's interplay with Wolverine was something I was watching, looks like we'll have some fertile Cajun hatin' on Wolverine's part for the future. I have really good feelings for this arc.
This issue just ROCKED! Loved the part with the kiss between Bobby and Kitty and then Rogue knocking her out unconscious. But THE BEST part of the whole comic was when Gambit explode the half pole in Wolverines mouth. I havent been this amazed since Colosus resisted Magneto and punched him in the gut, HARD!!
I think that Gambit, as a character, has improved since we last saw him... He's no longer a hero... More of a thief, which he is better than him being a street urchan who saves random people. That seemed a little odd to me... He got too emotionally attached to a little girl. Anyway, I'm liking Gambit very much right now and we'll see where this goes. If he is going to join the team, I would like to see Vaughan write out a few more characters... Dazzler if he has to... Maybe even Scott and Jean...
I think it all works fine. The previous stuff was Remy trying to get away from the life, and like he said, he's a thief not a murderer, he's allowed to be a softie every now and then. Him getting pulled back into thievery is perfectly natural as he clearly enjoys tweaking people's noses, which seems to be his main reason for doing it rather than profit.
Dazzler I dont mind too much being off the team, but Scott and Jean? No way!! But anyways, I like the way Gambit is now. Vaughun is doing an excellent job writing him.
I think that Scott and Jean are taking up space and being too much of a bother. Too often do we see these two being all lovey-dovey. If they aren't going to leave than for God's sake allow them to be their own character. Scott, you can see has family issue, and Jean is the Pheonix now.

The team should be condenced. I think it outta be Storm, Colossus, Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean, and Nightcrawler and the others should just sit on the back burner. Don't get me wrong, these characters that I didn't mention (Dazz, Rogue, SC) they're all cool, I mean Iceman is one of my favorite characters, but it just seems to me like they are bringing in the unnecessary angst. There should already be enough between the above.
I agree this was a good issue and Vaughan did a great job of jumping right into the story instead of offering up a bunch of buildup (a la Ultimate Nightmare). I'm not sure what I think about Gambit being a "bad guy" now, but when you think about it who says he's a bad guy? We're not sure of his motivations - they may not be villianous at all - and I'm sure Vaughan will explain it coming up.

I also have to say that I'm glad this isn't a 96 page die-cut hologram cover type of thing just because it's issue 50. Not to go off on a tangent, but I liked Ult. Spidey #50 but felt that we got milked for a few more cents just because it was #50. Not the case here.

Very much looking forward to #51. Vaughan is a great addition to this book.
I think that the junior class X-Men should be taught and used towards more of the school focus rather than the missions that the senior class goes on. I mean, if they had a solo villain, he'd have to be really something to withstand a group of 12 mutants, two being the two most power telepaths the world has seen... Condence the team by splitting the classes up.

Singer should NEVER come on this title!
Well, as long as he proves that his arrogance isn't getting in the way of things and the title stays on the same course it has been since the beginning, I'll be alright with the guy. Other than that, Singer is garbage until he proves himself. GARBAGE.
He said that he was going to ultimize a character no one expects. In other words, someone we probably do... Like Mystique.
You got it... Also, he may even do something Apocolypse. He's the one that left the question up in there as to what Apocolypse really is.
What I wanna know is how and where did he get info on Chuck and the others. Anyone got a clue as to how?

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