Ultimate Alicia Masters (speculation)

Why'd I think he was only doing 9 issues? 3 arcs?
No, he was doing 4 three issue arcs, as the news said when E posted it. Hence the 12 issues, where it wasn't specified where Alicia was to appear in.
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I hope she's in there more than just three issues... Also, didn't Millar say that the three issue arcs would encompass a larger picture for a six issue arc.
Well, taking this from the news thread, maybe this helps you out a bit:

"PS UFF will be great. All three-parters. Crossover will be the most talked about Ultimate story since the line began. You'll understand why soon. The next one is Ultimate Namor and the undersea pyramids of Atlantis, Alicia Masters, Word War 2 and more madness than you can shake a stick at. I never come back to a series, but my involvement in UFF was so minimal and so different from this that it all feels like the first time. I'm writing their dialogue for the first time too so it feels very new and fresh to me...I'm doing a big 12 issue run...All three parters. All cool."
Yeah, so how did Alicia ever cross paths with Ben in the 616 universe? It's going to be difficult for them to meet if Ben's confined to the building...
The way they met, I can't remember exactly. I do know that before they met, Alicia had done a sculpture of Thing's head, and it was exactly like Thing's. I [think] that the way they met was Ben was taking a walk, and he passed by this store which had sculptures by Alicia. Again, I'm not sure...So this is the best I can tell ya. Sorry.
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TheManWithoutFear said:
Since they cast Kerry Washington as Alicia Masters in the movie, do you think that Ultimate Alicia Masters will be African American?

Hey, they were going to make Thing African American in the Ultimate Universe... Hitch had originally intended for him to be African American when he was actually a man but they changed that for some reason. I wouldn't have minded that, though.

Alicia Masters being African American would be good... You know, fill the quota a bit. That title and Spider-Man are lacking racial differences.
There should've been a race change for Longshot... I would've loved to see him as an Aboreganese person or something

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