Ultimate Alicia Masters (speculation)

Ok....getting back to the topic at hand....(Alicia Masters, remember?)

I don't think it will matter what race she will be. It didn't hurt Fury's character, and I think it will certaintly not hurt her. But the question I pose here is thus: "Will she be used more than just in Millar's run?" I hope so. I do wish that they keep her around as a "cast member". Not that she has to be in EVERY ISSUE or whatever, just not mention here, then like, 15 issues later or something.
Yes, Mr. Mod. ;)

So, how do you think Masters will be played in the UU? Thing isn't aloud to leave the building yet... Do you think she could be a high school sweetheart? It would be a good way to reintroduce Thing's past, which was swept under the rug a bit... I mean, there's not really much that needs to be seen, but he came to the transferring of the apple all wrong and I'd like to see some of his backstory a bit.
I like the fact that they are taking it slow... I'm enjoying the science stuf... Back on to the topic, though.
I don't remember that about Storm, so I'll take your word for it. Thanks.

Now - no more about anything except Alicia Masters. Stay on topic.
Super sculpting powers....
MAybe she'll be someone that the FF rescue. And Thing and Johnny are instantly attracted, but she "suprisingly" goes for thing
I know, I was only have some fun... If this was a joke, Ice, you really need to work on them. ;)

Anyway, did she help out at the Baxter Building in the 616 universe or live there? What's her deal with that?

Also, is she still around in 616?

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