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Can we seriously argue about who should play Fury, when it should obviously be Jackson? Especially, when every body knew that Professor X was gonna be Patrick Stewart. Anybody else and the fans would have went nuts. I think the same thing goes for Fury in this case.

But I can see that you guys have most of the other characters locked down. So here are a few picks that no one has mentioned yet.

Misty Knight - Jill Marie Jones
I was gonna do Mar Vell but I couldn't think of anybody, maybe Clark from Smallville?


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No WWE wrestlers, please.

I once thought Trips would make a great Thor. After meeting Zakk Wylde, I think different now. Zakk should be Thor. He isn't buff, he's tall and lanky and you can make someone look huge with modern day camera techniques.

Cena's demographic is 10 year olds and women. Everyone else gives him heel heat. You don't want that with a movie like this.

Besides, the Ultimates should be an adult oriented serialized show on HBO or something (Like Band of Brothers). Follow the comics faithfully. One Episode = 1 issue. Go back farther if you must, and include The Hulk/Spiderman Team-Up as an episode, too, to lead in to SHIELD like the war scenes lead in for Cap.

Hey - why am I sharing my genius ideas with you hacks?


Leather luvs y'all!
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Heck, VVD, you might as well have Johnny Knoxville play Stark. lol.

The bonzos on myspace replying on who should play ATony in Faverau's version should be some Arab guy, Ohemd Somebodyorother.

I can buy an olive skinned Italian or Middle Eastern type playing Tony, I think. He's got that look to him.


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Victor Von Doom said:
Although it's a little off topic--if I was gonna do Misty Knight on film...it wouldn't be her horrible "Ultimate" version...it'd be her "Daughters of the Dragon" version.

And Kerry Washinton would play her....
Wow, Kerry Washington is a good pick man, I'm mad I didn't suggest her. But still Jill Jones has bigger, well you know. So I'm sticking with my pick, mostly, Kerry would be great too though. Also, how about a daughters of the dragon movie? Sorry about the off-topic-ness. Since me and Vic are the only ones that read one of the best books marvel has out right now.

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Kevin Sorbo For Thor!!!!! Jonny Depp For Stark Jackson For Fury. Natalie Portman For Natasha. Remember The Professional? NOT TO MENTION SHE SPEAKS OVER 14 LANGUAGES, PERFECT FOR ESPIONAGE
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J. Agamemnon said:
C'mon just listen to Sorbo and tell me that's not what Thor would sound like.
Vioce yes, looks not really and Natalie Portman For Natasha no I dont think so

J. Agamemnon

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Why not, she could have the look. she's got the hair the voice and she's got a good physique. And don't gimme that jolie crap, she's too wide and she does have that athleticness she used to have. I was thinking pitt for cap but i dunno. No one seems like they could fit caps shoes. i felt the same way when they got some pipsqueek to play cyclops. That guy is a total crapface. You could get Steve buschemi to play cap when he's crippled.
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Original Post:

1.Captain America - Dark Horse pick Josh Duhamel from the show, "Las Vegas" and the upcoming Transformers movie.
2. Nick Fury - Samuel L. Jackson for the no-brainer.
3. Giant Man - Aaron Eckhart would make a perfect Hank Pym. Shave 10 years off, and he'd make the perfect Cap.
4. Wasp - drawing a total blank.
5. Iron Man - Rob Lowe. Watch Thank You for Smoking. His character is the Tony Stark of the Entertainment industry.
6. Thor - Josh Holloway, Sawyer from "Lost". He's good at playing the rebel.
7. Bruce Banner - Buscemi, or maybe DJ Qualls aka Steve Buscemi, Jr. Someone scrawny and not that great looking. Eric Bana was a good Bruce IMO, but from all reports he really didn't like playing Bruce Banner and for the Ultimates version, we don't need someone who is even remotely good-looking. Ultimate Bruce is a total nerd.
8. Betty Ross - Laura Harris from Dead Like Me (and others) with dark hair. She'd be perfect, especially for Betty's *****ier moments.
9. Bucky (Young/Old) - Some old guy.
10. Gail (Young/Old) - Some old lady.
11. Black Widow - Famke Janssen. She was Xenia Onatopp in Goldeneye, which isn't too far off from Ms. Romanova. Forget she's played another Marvel character.
12. Hawkeye - Johnny Knoxville, if he could pull off the serious aspects of the character. Stunts, NO PROBLEM.
13. Jarvis - I will pass on this one. Someone very English, and very gay, obviously.

Bonus Ultimates:

Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver - I see Quicksilver, I see Paul Bettany. I can't force myself to find a better choice.
Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch - Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Look her up on imdb if you're unfamiliar. Played in Sky High, Final Destination 3 and will be in Grindhouse and Live Free or Die Hard. Drop dead gorgeous.

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