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Jun 25, 2004
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MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL! Heres your pressie!


Written By: NURHACHI

Outer Space

In the huge worldship named "Just Normal Typical Space Debris", Bass Lak Tus sat in his chair, eating Dorito's while his priests Pandrio, Ultimate Galactus and, his latest acquisition, Dark Images decorated his home.

Bass Lak Tus: Ah yes, Christmas, the most popular holiday in all the universe…..Wait-a-minute! Dark Images! Where is E? Why is he not decorating? Get him at once!!! So commands Bass Lak Tus! So commands the nexus of the universe!

Dark Images: Right away my messiah.

Dark Images bowed his head and made his way to E's sleeping chambers. Just as he opened the door, he heard a huge BOOM!

A hole had been blasted in the wall of E's chambers. Instinctively, Dark Images used his power of Force Fields to block the hole before he got sucked out into the cold vacuum of space. He kept his force field up until the ship had repaired itself. (it does that)

Dark Images then ran back to his master, Bass Lak Tus, and told him of E's escape.

Bass Lak Tus: What? Escape? Nonsense. E must have accidently blasted a whole in his wall and got sucked out.

Bass Lak Tus looked out his window.

Bass Lak Tus: It appears that he is falling towards Earth….Dark Images! I shall teleport you to Earth so that you may retrieve him and bring him home!

With that, Bass Lak Tus reached out his arm and a beam came out of his hand as he teleported Dark Images to Earth.

Bass Lak Tus: Alright Pandrio, Ultimate Galactus, lets get this place looking merry for when E gets back.

Ultimate Galactus: But sire, you could use your power to get these decorations up in a split second.

Bass Lak Tus: Ah, but the true joy of it is putting up the decorations.

Pandrio: But my lord, if that is the true joy, then why are you not joining us?

Bass Lak Tus: Silence minion, do not use logic with me.

Pandrio: My apologies my Lord.

When Ultimate E, an alien from a far away galaxy, crash landed on Earth, he created Ultimate Central, which began giving members of the website incredible abilities. The members rebelled against Ultimate E and formed there own groups. Now, it is Christmas time, a time for love, joy, peace and Christmas spirit. What are all the characters in the Ultimate Central Fanfic universe doing on this special holiday?



By Nurhachi

Christmas Eve at Ultimate Central, home and headquarters of The Avatars

Ultimate Gambit: You know what I'd really like for Christmas? I'd love to finally be able to get that villainess, Ultimate Scarlet Witch, inside the prison!

DIrishB looked down, Ultimate Scarlet Witch had recently given into temptation and started using her pheromone powers for personal gain. For days the Avatars have been trying to capture her, but have failed due to her other powers of energy blasts and teleportation. What the others didn't know is that DIrishB knows where she is hiding, and visits her regularly. He knows one day he would have to make a choice of either her or his team mates, but that choice did not have to be made today.

TheManWithoutFear: Will you relax Gambit, it's Christmas!

Icemastertron: It is, and we've got a party to prepare!

Just then Nurhachi and ProjectX2 teleported into the Ultimate Central mansion, carrying decorations and Christmas treats in there arms.

TheManWithoutFear: What took you guys so long?

ProjectX2: Ugh, we ran into Hawkeye101 at the shopping centre.

Nurhachi: Damn that guy can talk!

ProjectX2: It was horrible, he just wouldn't let us leave.

Nurhachi: Yeah, Project had to "accidentally" knock him out.

Christmas Day

In Africa

A man walked through the village. He looked at all the African people, they did not have much. Small homes made out of grass, clothes made out of beads. They did not have much, but they still had friends. They had family. His name is Baxter, and he no longer had friends, he wonders if he ever really did. He was formally a member of The Brotherhood, but he betrayed his team for Ultimate E. Now Ultimate E is gone though, and Baxter is all alone. He walks out the village and into the forest, he needed to get away from all the people who were taunting his loneliness. He sat on a tree stump, tears starting to form in his eyes. Its Christmas time, he's stuck in a country which he knows nothing about, with not a friend to call on for help. Baxter had truly hit rock bottom. He looked into the sky, wondering if there is a God. He closes his eyes and whispers a silent prayer, and when he opens them again, he gets the fright of his life, for there, in the sky in front of him, was the cosmic being, Nigma!

Nigma stood on his cosmic flying surfboard, and stared at Baxter.

Baxter: N….Nigma. What are you doing here?

Nigma: Good day, Baxter.

Baxter: ummm…..yeah, Merry Christmas.

Nigma: It would seem as though it is not too merry for you.

Baxter: But, how did you know?

Nigma: I have a cosmic awareness, I recognised you're presence as I was flying over Africa, and I felt you're depression. You are alone, just like me, UltimateDJF and Moonmaster were, until we found each other.

Baxter looked at Nigma with a confused expression.

Nigma: What I am saying Baxter, is that you do not have to be alone. I am inviting you to join our group, The Outcasts. You will not have to be alone anymore.

Baxter: Yes….YES! I will join you. Thank you so much Nigma.

Baxter's tears of loneliness turned to tears of joy, as he once again had friends. This was the best Christmas present he could hope for. He silently thanked God, and got aboard Nigma's cosmic surfboard, and they flew back to The Outcasts headquarters, where UltimateDJF and Moonmaster cheerfully greated the new member of their group.

In an abandoned studio warehouse in Hollywood

Curly: C'mone TGO, It's Christmas. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

TheeGreatOne: Quiet Curly, I must plan. I must plan….to take over the world.

Curly: Oooo how we gonna do that TGO?

TheeGreatOne: That is what I'm trying to plan Curly, unfortunately all these plans will expose me to Slimjim. If he realises that I've used the independence he gave me to tend to my own agenda, he will take away my free will and make me mindless again.

Curly: Oh well that's not very nice at all.

TheeGreatOne: Waaaiiiitaminit…..Curly….are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Curly: I think so TGO, but doesn't Santa need those reindeer?

TheeGreatOne: No, you Fob! To take over the world, we must first destroy Slimjim!

Curly: But…but it's Christmas.

TheeGreatOne: Fine, we shall plan our attack tomorrow. Now, let us eat.

Curly: Yay!

Meanwhile, In Slimjim's lair

Slimjim: Aaah, hows THIS for a Christmas present Irish?

Irish_4204: I'm sure he will be a worthy addition to our group Slimjim, but…what is he?

Slimjim and Irish_4204 looked at there newest member, Shri_Val. He had died of injuries inflicted in his battle with the Avatars, and Slimjim had just resurrected him as his new knight. He looked like a huge blue brain.

Slimjim: I know not Irish. He looks like some….big blue brain. Whatever the case, this is fortunate. Our ranks of super-powered beings have grown thin. Now with Shri_Val on our side, with his electric tentacles, the Avatars will not beat us again!

In the Brotherhoods castle

The Brotherhood sat around the table, their mouths watering at the Christmas dinner that Shade had cooked for them. Ultimate Quicksilver quieted them all down as they all bowed there heads to pray to Dr. Strangefate. All except Ourchair and Compound who silently snickered to each other.

After the prayer, they all dug in to the food. All except Guijllons. He put the piece of ham to his mouth, but as he bit down to eat it, he faded out of reality. After all these weeks, he still could not control this power, and Guij hated it.

This time however, Guij did not fade completely out of reality. In fact, he didn't fade at all, he was merely transported into some kind of limbo. A crystal like palace out of space and time. He looked around at the beautiful palace, and there in front of him was Doctor Strangefate.

Guijllons: Wh…where is this place?
Dr. Strangefate: Why Guij, this crystal palace is the nexus of all reality, it is outside time and space. I like it here as I am able to plan my next moves without interference or distractions. However, some things have come under my attention.

Guijllons: I don't understand sir. What do you want with me?

Dr. Strangefate: Well, to give you a Christmas present of course.

Guijllons: A Christmas present?

Dr. Strangefate: Yes. You see Guij, I know how hard it is for you, not being able to control your own powers. What would you say if I told you that, with full control of you're powers, you would be able to not only fade in and out of reality when you choose to, but everytime you come back into reality, you could have a new form.

Guijllon: Different forms?

Dr. Strangefate: Yes, when you come back into reality, there is many quantum possibilities that you can come back as. For example, when you return to reality, you could be made out of fire, or rock, or water, or electricity, or ANYTHING. Imagine you're potential! You can appear back in reality made out of anything you desire, furthermore you could transport anywhere in the universe, as when you fade out of reality, distance is no more. What would you say if I told you I could put you in control of your powers, and you would be able to do all this?

Guijllons: Please my lord, I will do anything. Anything you ask!

Dr. Strangefate: Good. Now listen carefully, it has come to my attention that Ourchair has been leading the Brotherhood into missions that I have not given him consent for. I am far to busy to keep track on Ourchairs actions. So you, Guijllons, in exchange for this power, you must swear loyalty to me, and you must inform me everyday of ALL Ourchairs actions. I want to know exactly what missions he tells you to go on, I want to know everything he gets up to in his spare time. You will keep an eye on him and keep me informed. You know how to get to me, and will be able to due to your teleportation abilities. Do we have a deal?

Guijllons smiled

Guijllons: We do my Lord.

Strangefate smiled back.

Dr. Strangefate: Excellent…

At the Avatars Christmas Party

DIrishB silently crept outside the party, everyone seemed to involved in the party to notice. He slowly sneaked into the teleporter room and teleported to a hidden cabin in Hawaii. This is where Ultimate Scarlet Witch has been hiding.
Ultimate Scarlet Witch: DIrishB! Aw… you come to wish me a Merry Christmas lover?

DIrishB: Scarlet, we have to talk about this. I can't betray my team mates any longer and….

Ultimate Scarlet Witch: Shhhhhhh…..let us not worry about that now.

USW started using her powers to let out strong pheromones. DIrishB started getting dizzy.

DIrishB: But…

Ultimate Scarlet Witch: Shhh… It's Christmas time, a time for giving. Now let me give you something.

She smiled as she pulled him into her bedroom.

Back at the Avatars Party

Icemastertron: Woooow a life sized Justin Timberlake poster! Thank you Proj!

Nurhachi glared evilly at ProjectX2, who shrugged in response.

Ultimate Gambit, who was playing Santa, was about to give out the next present.

Ultimate Gambit: This present is for TheManWithoutFear, from Nurhachi…

As he was about to give the present to MWOF, The Avatars heard a knock on the door.

Nurhachi: What the….

Ultimate Gambit went over to open the door. He opened the door slowly, and gasped when he saw who game in.

Ultimate Gambit: HOUDE!!!

Ultimate Houde: Hiya!

Icemastertron: Houde? OMG we missed you man, how've you been?

ProjectX2: How's it hangin homie

Nurhachi: Houde! Hey man, we didn't expect to see you here!

TheManWithoutFear: Houde! What brings you here?

Ultimate Houde: Well, it's Christmas, and, well, you guys are the closest I have to family these days.

Icemastertron: Awww….

Ultimate Houde: And besides…I brought you guys a Christmas present.

Houde turned towards the door.

Ultimate Houde: You can come in now dude.

The Avatars were stunned when they saw who came through the door next. It was there team-mate, there true leader, RENE!

Rene walked in, a huge smile on his face.

Rene: Hey guys.

ProjectX2: HOLY ****!

Icemastertron fainted.

TheManWithoutFear: What the ****?

Nurhachi: Dude, you were dead, you were working for Slimjim as one of his zombie Death Knights.

Rene: I was, but during a fight I had against Lil Kis, I was hit with one of his shards, and have slowly been rejuvenating. But do not worry, I am now back to the land of the living.

ProjectX2: Lil Kis? Who's Lil Kis? What fight?

Rene: Long story…

ProjectX2: Where did Houde find you?

Ultimate Houde: Ah, that too is a long story, I shall tell you later. *

(*editors note: See the upcoming #43 to find out the full story – Nur)

Ultimate Gambit: Well, It's good to have you back man, we've been needing a real leader here.

TheManWithoutFear: HEY! What's that supposed to mean?

Ultimate Gambit: umm….

Just then, there was another knock on the door.
TheManWithoutFear: ANOTHER guest?

MWOF opened the door, and as he saw who was there, his face twisted in horror.

TheManWithourFear: No….not you….

Hawkeye101: Hidey Ho Winslow!

Nurhachi: Hawkeye…erm…hi…good to….see you

Hawkeye101: Oh…my…GOODNESS! Houde, Rene its been so long. What you been up to? Why is Ice on the floor? I love your hat Project! Oh and that food looks to DIE for. Aw Nur, you're costume colour really suits Christmas. Oh, but your adorable. MWOF! Looking good tiger, you little Christmas devil you! Ultimate Gambit, I absolutely LOVE what you've done with your hair! Oh and I think that…


Project "accidently" tripped and knocked Hawkeye101 out.

TheManWithoutFear: Quick, take away his teleporter and get him the hell out of here!

Icemastertron, who had come around a few minutes back, stopped MWOF

Icemastertron: Guys! I'm ashamed of you! It's Christmas! Pick him up off the floor, he's having dinner with us!

TheManWithoutFear: Awww Ice. Come on…

Ultimate Houde: Wait a minute…..where's DIrishB?

In USW's Cabin

DIrishB was putting his shirt back on.

Ultimate Scarlet Witch: Leaving already handsome? *sigh* What can I do to make you think of me more then just a good time?

DIrishB: You're the one who turned evil Scarlet.

Ultimate Scarlet Witch: Oh come on, I thought you liked me bad?

DIrishB: I didn't come here intending to do this, I wanted you to know that next time I come here, I'm bringing my team mates with me, and we will arrest you. This is you're only warning.

DIrishB activated his teleporter as USW glared at him.

Outer Space, in the worldship called "Just Normal Typical Space Debris"

Pandrio walked up to his master, with a gift in his hand.

Pandrio: Master, a Christmas gift has arrived for you. It seems it was teleported here.

Bass Lak Tus: A gift? Ooooh goodie! Open it for me Pandrio!

Pandrio unwrapped the gift and gasped when he saw what was inside.

Bass Lak Tus: Well? What is it? Tell me!

Pandrio: My Lord…it's…it's Dark Images.

Pandrio: His head has been returned to you, with warmest regards from Ultimate E.


Ultimate Galactus: What do you want us to do about E, sire?

Bass Lak Tus: Send…send him a thank you card

Ultimate Galactus: A DEADLY thank you card?

Bass Lak Tus: What?

Pandrio: My Lord, I just want to say, I am so sorry about this betrayal.

Bass Lak Tus: Betrayal? What are you talking about! Don't you see? Dark Images must have fallen into a guillotine. E was so kind to send us back something to bury.

Ultimate Galactus:


Bass Lak Tus: I wonder if he'll send the rest on New Years…

The End!

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Hehehehehehheheheheheh. That rocks. Great pressie! :D

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Great issue.

So Nigma, Baxter, DJF and I are the "Outcasts"? I think that

would be more appropriate.
Good issue. I liked that Dark Images was introduced and killed in the same ish (glad it wasn't me). Cool to Shi_Vral in slimjim's hands. This issue came off as a lot of set-up for Bass (I would assume) with the rest of his one shots. Well done.
Will the DIB/USM thing play out in the main fanfic? I really want to see the possibilities of the Avatars finding out that DIB knew where she was and didn't tell them.
Just reminding everyone that this issue takes place after the issue that Bass just put up. So it goes

Christmas Special
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Nurhachi said:
Just reminding everyone that this issue takes place after the issue that Bass just put up. So it goes

Christmas Special
DIdn't Bass just put up #43? That's the one with Houde, anyways.
I would hope it's obvious with Rene being rescued at the end of #43....

Also, some people said Nurhachi has set up things in my arc. Not true. I actually changed things around in my arc to accomodate the Christmas Special, which really improved on what I was doing.

Nur's very generous. :D
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