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Jun 25, 2004
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OK guys, its Ultimate Houdes turn. For everyone who hasn't read the previous issues, read them here

Ok Houdey, take it away
So this is going to have Ultimate Houde's two issues? Is that all?

Ultimate Central Fanfic #26: New Blood...

It was the beginning of a normal day for Houde, well, it started out as normal anyways, until someone tried to rob the jewelry store him and his girlfriend where at. Then Dr. Strangefate and Ourchair show up, along with Nurhachi and TheManWithoutFear, and we got a rumble in the mall.

And too think, all Houde was going to do was buy a ring for his girlfriend.

Wait a minute, where did she go?
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Baxter said:
Eff you *****! Cabient forever yo!

Who the hell are the "Cabient"?

Nice cover/solict.
Im sooooooooooo bored

I can make some covers just ask and give me the images and i would make stuff like in my sig.
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Months Ago

Houde jumped on his computer in his study, quickly bringing up his e-mail. Looking through the usually stuff he happily deleted his spam.

HOUDE: Spam, spam, spam, spam…

Eventually he comes across an actually email.

HOUDE : Oh, I got an PM from Ultimate Central. Sweet…

Clicking on the link, he waits for the screen to load. It never does, and Houde hits the screen with his palm. Colored lights flow out, and engulf him, knocking him out.

The next morning he awoke with a slight headache, and incredibly thirsty. Looking at the computer, he shrugged.

HOUDE : Gotta stop eating food right before I fall asleep.

Unknowing he gained any superpowers, Houde went on with his life. Months passed, strange things happened all over the place, and somehow, Houde went through it all without realizing he had any powers whatsoever.

This was about to change.



Ourchair floated above the ground, riding the magnetic fields. Next to him was Dr. Strangefate, who was also floating, but using magic instead to do it. The people below them scurried out of the way; the random screaming brought a smile to Ourchair's lips.

OURCHAIR: Now this is the respect we deserve.

DR. STRANGEFATE : Focus Ourchair, we need to find the new being that is emerging and have him join our cause.

OURCHAIR r: As long as we get to cause mayhem, I'm down with that.

The two superpowered beings looked at their target ahead of them. A large mall was sprawled out. Ourchair raised his hand, and ripped out the steel supports in the ceiling, creating a massive hole for him and Dr. Strangefate to use.

OURCHAIR : After you sir

DR. STRANGEFATE : What a gentlemen.

They descended into the building.


In the mall

ROBBER Everyone, hands up now!

Houde, along with his girlfriend and several other humans raised their hands. He walked into the jewelry store to buy his girlfriend a new necklace, and then this guy had to show up and ruin the whole damn thing. Right now, for some odd reason, he was thinking of ways to take him out. Houde shook his head as he felt energy within him rise. The gun pressed into his back even further.

ROBBER 2: Gonna faint?

HOUDE : You wish.

Moving without thought, Houde turned around, grabbed the gun in the guy's hand, and snapped his wrist. Then he broke the man's elbow as he fell.

HOUDE : What the heck did I just do?

He looked over at his girlfriend, and she had an astonished look on her face.

HOUDE : I…I…have…no…idea….

The first robber screamed, and Houde, again acting without knowledge of what, or how, he was doing it; preformed a back somersault, and landed behind the robber. He went to punch the guy in the back, only the guy, unlike the last one, blocked it with his free hand.

ROBBER : Nice try loser. I have no clue how I knew he was going to do that…

HOUDE : Your about to get a hurting.

The two combatants went at each other. Houde twisted his hand to try and get a hold; the robber dropped, and went to sweep Houde's legs. Houde back flipped, rebounded off the wall, and tried to punch the man in the head. The man grabbed Houde's arm as he swung, and slammed him into the jewelry case, knocking the case over, and driving Houde into the ground. As he struggled to get back up, a voice rang out.


DR. STRANGEFATE : I see I have found you, time to awaken your powers further.

Magic coursed through Dr. Strangefate as he casted his spell on the robber. The robber screamed in agony, but only for a few moments, as Dr. Strangefate was hit from behind by an optic blast.

MWoF: Sorry, but we are kicking your asses, and then getting the new recruit.

NURHACHI : Damn straight.

Nurhachi's blood flowed over his body, encasing him in his protective shell: So you can back…

Before he could finish the sentence, he was hit by a bench that was thrown by Ourchair.

OURCHAIR : Let's go.

Houde manage to stand up, but to his dismay, he saw the robber grab his girlfriend, and run off

ROBBER : I want none of this, let's go sweetcheeks. If I can't have the money, I'll have you instead.

HOUDE : Get back here!

Houde ran across the lobby, chasing after his girlfriend, and the robber. Houde's girlfriend fought and bucked, slowing down the robber, as Houde came up from behind and tackled him, through a store window.

The store they landed into was a weapons store. The robber rolled, and grabbed a katana, a solid black one. Houde reached out randomly, and also grabbed a katana, but a polished metal one, not the black metal that the robber has. The lights in the store where knocked out, so the robber was shrouded in shadow. Houde's girlfriend yelled from behind him in fear.

HOUDE : Give her back!

The sword he held gleamed in the darkness, reflecting nonexistent light.

ROBBER : I think not.

His sword emitted a faint bluish glow. It slowly illuminated his face.

HOUDE : What have you become?

The robber was revealed to have grey fur covering his face. His body was covered in the same grey fur, his hair had grown longer, and a tail protruded from the back of his pants.

MARVELMAN: I have become a Ferret boy! A ninja ferret boy! Dr. Strangefate has released my powers, and they will destroy you!

HOUDE : You look nothing like a ferret though.


His sword left blue tracks in the darkness as he leapt for Houde.

Outside the store

ManWithoutFear had problems of his own. Dr. Strangefate had transformed into his metal form, and was now in the process of trying to pin him down and beat the nonexistent fear out of him.


NURHACHI : Having my own problems.

Nurhachi was stuck against a wall, unable to move as Ourchair affected the magnetic field around his body.

OURCHAIR : This is turning out to be a good day.

His victory was short lived as a blast of cold knocked him down.

OURCHAIR : No, Icemastertron.

Instead of seeing Icemastertron though, he saw Marvelman and Houde fighting, Marvelman having an upper hand with his magical sword. His sword was emitting intense cold, causing random blasts to fly out in every direction. Dr. Strangefate was hit by one, but it unaffected him in his metal form.

DR. STRANGEFATE : I believe this is our man.

OURCHAIR : Yes, let's bag him and go.

DR. STRANGEFATE : But who is this other man?

Houde dodged for all he was worth. His sword arm felt fatigued, a blow from Marvelman's sword had caused his arm to feel numb. Dragging the sword he acquired behind him, the man turned ninja jumped forward, and manage to land a blow against Marvelman, kicking him in the head. Marvelman staggered and laughed.

MARVELMAN : You are nothing to me!

Then he was blasted by MWoF, who decided to take advantage of the situation while Dr. Strangefate was watching the battle.

Marvelman staggered back, and reached out, grabbing Houde's girlfriend.

MARVELMAN: You want her? Come get her!

Slashing the sword into the air, he cut a hole in reality itself, jumping through it, and dragging Houde's girlfriend with him.

DR. STRANGEFATE: Ourchair! Follow him!

Ourchair flew forward, knocking Houde to the ground as he jumped through the portal. It closed behind them.

DR. STRANGEFATE : Well, this has been fun, hasn't it?

He then switched to his normal form, and disappeared, casting another spell.

MWoF: Well, that went completely unexpected, we were suppose to kick their butts. Who was that other guy?

NURHACHI : Hold it; the kid in the middle is not looking too well.

Houde stood in the middle of the mall, holding the sword in front of him. It started to glow, a white fire caressing the blade.

NURHACHI : Hey kid, what are you doing?

HOUDE : He stole my girlfriend, and for that, he is going to pay.

NURHACHI : Yea, how you going to follow him?

HOUDE : I'm not too sure yet.

Nurhachi walked forward, and placed one of his hands on Houde's shoulder.

NURHACHI: Listen, we have a teleporter. We can try to find him with the computer.

MWoF: I'm staying away from the guy with the fire sword.

He turns and sees a hot girl

MWoF:Yup; I'll stay over here.

He walks over to the hot girl.

MWoF: Hey baby, I have a scotch and sofa back at my place, you want some?

NURHACHI : Never mind him. What do you think?

HOUDE : I can follow him.

NURHACHI: Not too sure if you can. What if your powers aren't the same?

Houde drove his sword into the air, and cleaved open his own portal. A wicked smile crossed his face.

HOUDE: Oh, I think we do.

He jumped into the portal, and Nurhachi followed him. It closed behind them.

MWoF: Well, she only hit me after a few seconds. New record Nur. Nur? Nur?

He sees the portal close.

MWoF: Oh poop…Nur has the teleporter with him…
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