Ultimate characters that have been "forgotten"

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Which Ultimate characters do you think have been "forgotten", as in we have not seen them in quite a long time and there is no explanation why they have not showed up recently. For example we haven't heard anything about Ultimate Shocker since his last defeat and he was just starting to become interesting.

Captain Canuck

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Alicia Masters
Magician (thank goodness)
Dum Dum Dugan
The Inhumans

not that i'm dying to see any of them back. (Except maybe the inhumans)


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vision and falcon

Captain Mahr-Vehl too, though he was in Ultimate Doom and whatnot, he was basically a prop in that


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This thread got me thinking; where is Bruce Banner? We havent seen him since Ultimatum, have we?
And why do we have so many Hulks in this universe?

There is:
Bruce Banner/Hulk
Nerd Hulk
Betty Ross/She-Hulk
Tyrone Cash/Black Hulk
Dr. Samuel Stern/Old Hulk


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Colossus, Rogue and Storm haven't shown themselves post-Ultimatum. Although it's pretty much a given we'll see them in the new UXM series.

Beetle, Venom, Mary Storm, Mole Man, Alicia Masters and Kong.


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The wizard, or magician or whatever that x-men villain everybody hated was called.

Related question, what plot points have been forgotten in the Ultimate Universe?

Janets body being put in the Jocasta project... or something. I'm not going to re-read ultimatum.

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