1. T

    What new Ultimate mini series or ongoing series would you like see?

    It seemed like the Ultimate Universe is revitalized recently, with some old series coming like Ultimate X-Men and new series like Ultimate Hawkeye. With that in mind, what new Ultimate mini series and ongoing series would you like see in the future?
  2. the watcher

    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man/Miles Morales Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Anyone read the new issue yet?? Anyways, not a bad start. Kind of annoyed that Bendis just copyed the dialog from the first Ultimate Spider-Man on the first page. It's interesting that he made Miles' Uncle the Prowler. What did you guys think?
  3. T

    Ultimate characters that have been "forgotten"

    Which Ultimate characters do you think have been "forgotten", as in we have not seen them in quite a long time and there is no explanation why they have not showed up recently. For example we haven't heard anything about Ultimate Shocker since his last defeat and he was just starting to become...
  4. the watcher

    Ultimate Comics X-Men (Spoilers)

    Just announced a new Ultimate X-Men book starting in September. Read more here: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=32146
  5. DIrishB

    Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem (iPod/iPhone game)

    Figured this deserves its own thread: Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem Basically, its the USM video game that came out for the Xbox/PS2/Gamecube, but for the iPhone. Looks like fun. I'll definitly give this a playthrough.
  6. Mattimeo84

    Ultimate TPB Thread (Take Two)

    Squadron Supreme Squadron Supreme: Death Of A Universe Supreme Power – Nighthawk Doctor Spectrum – Full Spectrum Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra Vol. 1 Ultimate Elektra - Devil's Due Supreme Power Vol. 1 – Contact Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol. 1 - The Fantastic Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol. 2 - Doom...
  7. Ice

    Exclusive Jemas/Quesada CBR interview.

    Ultimate Bill Jemas & Quesada, Part 1 With “Ultimatum” #1 promising huge change for the Ultimate Universe, CBR sat down with former Marvel President Bill Jemas and Marvel EiC Joe Quesada for an exclusive interview about the beginnings of the Ultimate line. Eight years ago, Marvel Comics...
  8. Captain Canuck

    What Ultimate Miniseries would you like to see?

    What untold stories woul you like to see told in a miniseries? (or even an arc of an ongoing, i guess) I want to see Ultimate Mauraders/Ultimate Sinister/Ultimate Gambit. There have been all kinds of hints about Gambit's dark past and his connection with Sinister and Sinister's connection...