Ultimate Fantastic Four #30 cover


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Well, it does look like his face is still metallic. That looks like an actual mouth, not a mask. So I guess it's possible that he's just wearing a suit of body armor to cover the hooves. Maybe the armor serves another purpose?
I dig Ultimate Doom. He's definitely a change of pace. Took me some getting used to in the first Doom arc, but by the time I saw the cover for 30 I was sold. Can't wait to read it.
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Doom's powers are what interest me the most... We'll see how Millar manipulates them, though. He'll probably add and subtract from the long list of powers Ultimate Doom already has. Poison breath, needles... Bazookas. :lol:


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Yeah! I'm really going to have to start reading Ultimate FF now, huh? Zombies are a cool add (although I'm not reading Marvel Zombies, except maybe as a trade. I'm more interested in how Zombies interact with the Ultimate U.)
I agree with the suggestion Doom is wearing armor. Look at the face as opposed to the hands and feet - the face looks like "skin" the limbs clearly don't. The hooves, then, are hiding...8)
"The Frightful Four" huh? If it is as good as the Ultimate Six, I'll cop to that...

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