Ultimate FF cancelled after 6 issues...

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Just read these. I'm not a massive FF fan altogether, but was willing to give this a go.

Artwork was awful throughout. Seriously, I'm sorry to lay into people professions but who on earth chose those colour schemes?!? Iron man looks awful.

Story wise, it's admirable that the writer bothers to try and tie up some if those story lines and ply holes that have angered and confused is all, he did it in a largely interesting way, that mostly made sense.

Character wise: not great overall. Very rushed. I don't even see why coulsin and machine man needed to be in it. Ultimate FF at least had some insights into how super smart people interacted socially. Here they feel more like ghostbusters knotting up wormholes. It felt very much as though done one was poking the characters "doom say something mean" "Toby say something sarcastic" rock jones in hunger is really we written but doesn't come off well here.

Verdict: with more time, different art, different costumes this light have been good. Had it been 39% more serious could have been decent. Now we'll never know.