Ultimate Ghost Rider


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Entropy said:
Oh, he has chains. See, when he was murdered they beat him to death with his bicycle chain, and thats what he intends to use in his vengeance on his killers. The flames were going to be more for the finale.

Yeah, you should definately finish it. The first issue was cool.


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I dunno how it's gonna be done but I want to see it done. And I want Demons and ghosts and all that crazy stuff. I want Vampires, Dark Magic, Demons, I want a hole dark corner of the Ultimate Universe that will have people saying, "Oh why'd they have to bring this stuff in" and I'll be like cos' it's ****in' cool. So let's bring out Ghost Rider and let's have him be right out of Hell and not some sissy realistic take on him because that would just make him a biker and not interesting... period.


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This was probably in jest, but Loeb said Ghost Rider would be his favorite Ultimate on his run in the Ultimates. . .