Ultimate Iron Man - 2nd mini [speculation]


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ok i dont know if there already is a thread for this but does anyone have any idea on what the second iron man mini is about? im gussingthat he becomes iron man in part 5 of the current one but wat will that leave left to tell storywise?


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if he does become iron man in the 5th issue, as you say, then the second mini could explore his first designs for the armor and the different up grades....... maybe dealings with Justin Hammer, and tony developing as a super hero........ there are a lot of different directions this could go


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I think we speculated on this a little, and what we thought was that the first mini would be his childhood and how he got to the point where he created the suit, and the second mini would be what he did with it.


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That's a fair enough guess... I would hope that Card brings it a little closer to Marvel Universe lore and ultimized some characters that were in 616. I'm not asking him to dumb it down and have Grey Gargoyle come flying around, but I'm asking for possibly his alter ego to come around and hustle Tony business-wise. That seems to be a running theme in the first one as far as we know.


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Spade said:
as long as we get M O D O K
....No. Just no.

We need to see some more Ultimate Russians. How about the Ultimate Titanium Man, with a silver age homage cover? How about plotline wise its about an arms development race with Stark Industries and another corperation. It could be used to hilight corperate tactics and R&D procedures around the developemnt of high tech weapon systems.

well I'd find it intresting.


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No, no, we can't do that. Let me think... Ok, the recently made Star Wars films focused heavily on politics. The story and plot points relied mostly on what happened in the Senate, Jedi council, whatever... That's not what people are interested in. Those sorts of things, like this corporate competition you're talking about, just can't blow over with the general public reading these issues.

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