Ultimate Knights (USM Spoilers)

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Foolsfolly said:
I gave a list on a previous page that was a mix of different villains not just Daredevil villains.

That's enough to pick and choose for a few minis. And still not resort to just a Kingpin throw down. Although that would be fun!

Most of the villains seem to be just Spidey and DD villains, except Fu Manchu (who can't be used for legal reasons) and I assume Roland Bushman is Bushmaster, the Heroes for Hire villain. So that's one villain from the other heroes' rogues gallery. I mean can you think of some Mon Knight villains for example? please some villains you mentioned like Electro, Spidey would have first dibs on him. Boomerang is a joke in the UU and he was just the poor man's Bullseye in the 616 universe, plus Jack O'Lantern was nothing more than the poor man's Green Goblin in the 616 universe, I'm not sure how a guy with a pumpkin for a head is supposed to translate to the Ultimate Universe.

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Jack could be a drug dealer that deals his drugs disguised as candy. He is also someone that uses a supernatural motif for his crimes and combat.

Yeah, he's crap no matter what.

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My picks for Ultimate Marvel Knights.

Moon Knight
Iron Fist
Morph (I just what to see him Ultimized.)
Ghost Rider
Cloak & Dagger
Black Cat
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I posted some of Moon Knights enemies earlier but my post was deleted.

So now y'all can guess and thank the moderator that didn't like my post.


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I think Luke Cage would be a great addition for Marvel Knights, dare I say have his own mini, dare i say his own solo.


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Hibiki said:
I think Luke Cage would be a great addition for Marvel Knights, dare I say have his own mini, dare i say his own solo.

why? What makes you say this? you're baseing your opinion off of 616 Cage because Ultimate Cage has done nothing and sucks.

EDIT: Sorry. I'm going off on a tangent. But I don't think people realize what's established in Ultimate Universe and what isn't and they're looking too much into 616 Knights.

Like Watchers roster? Ghost Rider, Cloak, Morph?
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