Ultimate legion of Losers

I think it's perfectly alright for more joke villains to be introduced into the Ultimat e Universe, though not necessarily at an accelerated rate.

That Bendis is a hack who throws away the villains on jokes is a real problem, I'll admit that.

But the only REAL failing with his approach is that he doesn't variate the joke. He just has the villain march in, scream his stupid name, and then have him clocked.

Which is pretty much the same damn joke he writes into Powers, but at least he's not throwing away any Marvel brands when he does it there.

Its cute the first time, now its just lazy. J.M. DeMatteis does joke villains better, where they come up with a whole silly scheme that has no chance of success.

The problem is when bendis treats villains that are supposed to be serious as jokes, like Vulture. He is Spidey's second oldest villain, he deserves better than being taken out off panel.

Just because it hasn't happened doesn't mean it shouldn't happen..

Yeah, but that be nice, but I think Bendis is too lazy to do it. He could do it (Bendis revamped Purple Man nicely in alais) but he won't.

Besides Bendis who is left....Kirkman? Loeb?! Bendis is likely the best of the pack at the moment. if he put his mind making a serious version of say, trapster, I'm sure it would be good, but he is going to go the safe and easy route instead.

hadn't really thought about it. The obvious route would be to go the psychedelic Jefferson Airplane route.

So would Spidey be doing acid and then white rabbit and "the walrus" is what he would see in front him of him when he is high?

Here is why I like them better as joke characters:



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