overlord villian thread

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    Is there any way for the Ultimate Universe to recover?

    At this point Is there any way for the Ultimate Universe to recover, from the terror inflicted on it by Loeb (and to much, much lesser extent, Kirkman)?
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    Who is the worst parent in comics?

    Who is the absolute worst parent in comics? Personally I gotta go with Der Red Skull, he almost killed his daughter at birth and then spent the rest of her life tormenting her, because he is an sexist A-hole. He makes Norman Osborn look like father of the year.
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    What type of villains do you prefer?

    I know people here see I start too many threads about villains, but I haven't done one in a while and I like doing them, so screw it, I'm doing another one. What types of villains do you prefer? Anti Villains: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/AntiVillain Magnificent Bastards...
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    Are sympathetic villains unrealistic?

    I have head some people say that there are no sympathetic villains in the UU, because sympathetic villains are unrealistic and that in real life criminals are just bad people. I think that's BS personally. Most criminals are criminals because they grew up in a poor neighborhood and didn't...
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    How evil should a super villain be?

    Should there be a limit on how evil a super villain should be? Is there such a thing as a villain being too evil? I mean I lot of people were upset when Dr. Light became a rapist, but people seemed to be okay with Purple Man being one.
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    What do you think of the Hood, insteresting villain or boring villain?

    Myself I think he is pretty boring, at least Bendis' pen he comes across as a generic thug and not very bright. He seemed more intelligent and likable under BKV and Brubaker.
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    Marvel's Top ten Super villain Groups

    Here is Marvel's top ten super villain groups: http://www.marvel.com/news/comicstories.6339.Take_10~colon~_Evil_Alliances
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    Spider-Man Shocker

    Shocker seems to be a favorite amongst some fans, but it doesn't seem like the writers do much with him. Anyone have any ideas for stories that he can be involved with or ways to raise his profile or expand his character?
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    Best and worst rogues galleries in comic book movies

    Which comic book movies series has the best rogues gallery so far? Which comic book movie series has the worst rogues gallery so far?
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    Ultimate Electro

    Should anything be done with Ultimate Electro, he's been around for a while but we don't know anything about him, we haven't gotten any real insight into his personality. Is there anything to his personality besides being greedy and stupid? Does he have self esteem issues like 616 Electro or...
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    Marvel's Top ten Ultimate Villain List

    Here's Marvel's list of the top ten villains in the UU: http://www.marvel.com/news/comicstories.5215.Take_10~colon~_Ultimate_Villains
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    Ultimate Black-Ops

    Since Millar mentioned a an Ultimate Black-Ops in his Ultimate avengers interview, I thought i would give it a thread of its own. Millar mentioned Hawkeye and Punisher as memebers, can Millar undo the damage done to Ultimate Hawkeye, can he make Ultimate Punisher into an interesting character...
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    Ultimate Tombstone

    Do you think Ultimate Tombstone should be introduced in USM? Does Bendis plan on introducing him? Should Ultimate tombstone be similar or different from his 616 counter part?
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    Ultimate shocker

    This has already been touched upon in other threads, but I think it deseves its own thread: What should be done with Ultimate Shocker, should he stay a joke or become a serious villain?
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    Since Bendis is borrowing villains from the 67 cartoon, what else can he borrow?

    Since Bendis is borrowing villains from the 67 cartoon, what else can he borrow from other media? Personally I want to see characters from the 1978 Spider-man show from Japan, including Ultimate Professor Monster and Spidey's giant robot: http://www.stomptokyo.com/movies/s/supaidaaman.html...
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    Villains that deserve their own story arcs

    It seems like Gobby, Ock, Kingpin and the symbiotes get the lion share of the story arcs. it seems like the other villains get supporting roles at best or are treated like jokes at worse. So which villains do you think deserve an arc, that aren't Gobby, Ock, Kingpin or happens to be a symbiote...
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    Ultimate Smythe

    Is there any plans to introduce an Ultimate version of Smythe (either Spencer or Alistair Smythe) in USM?
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    Ultimate Chameleon

    Was the guy pretending to be Spidey in the Double Trouble arc supposed to be Ultimate Chameleon or could we see a more proper version of Dmitri Smerdyakov in the UU? He is Spider-Man's oldest foe and Spidey lacks a foe who relies on just cunning and subtlety, its shame he is not in the UU...
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    Ultimate legion of Losers

    You know what be funny, an ultimate version of the Legion of Losers: http://www.spiderfan.org/characters/legion_of_losers.html Ultimate shocker plots his revenge against Spidey by gathering together some of his "greatest" foes (Ultimate Ringer, Boomerang, Killer shrike and Ultimate white...
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    ultimate Silver Samurai

    How should Silver Samurai be handled in UXM? Here is my idea: Harada Kenuichio is the son of Harada Shingen, a powerful Yakuza boss in Japan. Shingen was ashamed that his son was a mutant and disowned him. Kenuichio was exiled from his family, where he grew up on the streets. Kenuichio was...