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Sep 26, 2005
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ourchair kinda' gave me the inspiration for this, since he brought it up in another thread. So I decided that here, I'm gonna' go on a brainstorm. This will pick up after the game, which I thought would be a nice setup for Maximum Carnage.

What I'm thinking is that Dr. Connors, after the previous incident, naturally gives up on his cloning experiments. What happens, though, is ROXXON Oil, an oil company that is secretly owned by Trask Industries, is given the notes of Dr. Connors that Trask had stolen. Of course, nobody knows who took them. After all, why would an oil company want to know about cloning?

Enter Dr. Sandra Deel. She's hired by ROXXON to create a protoplasmic creature, initially designed to wipe out competitors, from the pieces of the Venom suit in Peter's DNA. She succeeds, recreating the Carnage symbiote, but with a twist: he's sentient and intelligent. The creature, in its attempt to escape, beats the doctor nearly to death, but a piece of it detaches and seeps into her blood, coupled with some of the voltatile chemicals present in the lab. When she awakens, she finds that her natural singing voice has been enhanced to superhuman levels. The suit also deteriorates her mind as well as turning her once-African-American body pale. She takes the name Shriek.

As Carnage escapes, he leaves a trail of destruction, releasing several of ROXXON's experiments. One such experiment, DPL7801, is a failed clone that was planned to be a clone of Peter, but ended up horribly mutilated due to the protoplasmic cells in the blood samples. Carnage rides out on the back of the monster.

To add to it, one of ROXXON's biological warfare experiments was released. The virus uses a form of Oz and a bacterial agent, designed to kill a person by literally dissolving their genetic strucuture. Only one person is infected before the laboratory can be sealed off: Malcolm McBride, a hapless lab assistant. Malcolm is a latent mutant, and the virus interacts with the mutant cells, transforming him into a green, decaying creature who can fly, read minds, and phase through matter.

The four end up as a team, united by their lives being destroyed by ROXXON. They rally up troops by destroying Ryker's Island and literally starting an army of villains. The unleashed villains ravage the Triskelion, despite SHIELD's defenses. Manhattan Island is put under martial law.

The Ultimates and all known superhumans are called in. Times Square is ravaged. The bridges to Manhattan are blown by SHIELD and sentry posts are set up in Queens, Long Island, and Staten Island among others. Of course, seeing that two of the creatures are "related" to him in a way, Peter decides to stay, along with Eddie Brock, who begrudingly agrees to ally with him.

The four villains uncover Harry and Norman Osborn's holding cells and release them both. Carnage is able to use a portion of his protoplasm to combine the two of them into one suit, doubling their powers. They become simply The Goblin.

The Baxter Building is essentially destroyed. The Fantastic Four, without a home and cut off from contact with the military, join forces with Spider-Man and Venom. Danny Rand and Matt Murdock join. The plan is to stop these madmen while the Ultimates are busy with the numerous other minions.

The five villains claim Liberty Island as their base of operations. The heroes charge in. Venom and Carnage brawl while Spider-Man faces DPL7801 and The Goblin. After a long battle, it's discovered that the protoplasm's weakness is fire. The group, save for Johnny Storm, rush out of the island as the Human Torch goes supernova. The Statue of Liberty is destroyed while Carnage is completely incinerated. The fire breaks Harry and Norman apart. Shriek is found burnt to a crisp. Oddly enough, Dr. McBride and DPL7801 are never found.

Manhattan goes through a period of massive rebuilding. As a reward for his help, Peter hesitantly decides to let Eddie go. In the conclusion, Peter is asked to join the Fantastic Four for his courage and leadership, but without even thinking twice, he declines, stating that he wants to be a normal kid as much he can be, despite his duty as Spider-Man.

The whereabouts of Dr. McBride and DPL7801 are shown to be underneath Empire State University. Both have been dissected. A man runs around wearing Dr. McBride's head as a mask. The only clue as to who he is is the tag on his coat: an Empire State University faculty ID for Dr. Warren.

Its his state of mind and his view on life that makes Maximum Carnage what it is!
Actually, when I was brainstorming, I was thinking of some way to incorporate him into it. I admit that Cletus is a central part of it all and I love who he is, but I just couldn't find a feasible way to insert him. One of my ideas was that he's the reason Carnage is intelligent. When Carnage is first unleashed, the first person he attempts to feed from is Cletus, but instead he absorbs his body due to the new cloning procedure from ROXXON. This would give him his personality while literally making him and Carnage one by having him become the protoplasm.

As I said, I was trying to find ways to put him in.
Also theres the disfunctional family bit with the villains. You wouldnt have to have Doppelganger in it if you choosed not too, instead you could have the Lizard as they would both have the exact same role. Lizard is a beast who just wants to kill as well. If you read Millars run on MKSM. That portrayal of the Lizard would be perfect.

Just a few random thoughts
It was going pretty well, But I don't like the idea of the "Suites" being sentient beings. I'd want Carnage to have a host, But I really don't want it to be Cletus Cassidy... Maybe a girl?

I like the idea of Shriek being black, But she should be introduced in another way. She might be another "Project" like Carrion and Doppelganger. Maybe she could have been a scientist at Trask Industries, But a failed experiment is what turned her into what she is and they decided to keep her as a test subject?

My idea for doppelganger for why he's a deformed clone of Spider-Man is that it's the Oz drug that fused the Spider's D.N.A. with Peter's. Without the Oz drug present, The cloned D.N.A brought about a Human/Spider hybrid. But not just one, But near a dozen. Carnage goes on a killing spree because they're "Spider-Man" and the "Suite" has the same hate towards Spider-Man as Venom does (or whatever other reason). However, Shriek finds and stops Carnage when there's only one of the clones left... She wants a pet.

I hated the idea of fusing Green Goblin and Hobgoblin together. But a Goblin does have to be apart of the team. The problem is there wouldn't be enough time to clue in Demogoblin, "Maximum Carnage" was literally a rush with alot of chaos, No backstories. But at the point the comics are at, I don't think there's any way Ultimate Demogoblin could appear without feeling rushed or hoaky.

??? (needs to be a goblin; hobgoblin?)
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No, I'd finally complete the drop of USM if this was to happen.
In an attempt to take down Spider-Man, for killing his father, Jason Hammer begins to collaborate as many super-humans to take him down as quickly as possible. Hiring theives and mercenaries to steal every known super-human variant out there, Jason puts together a super-team of his own. Using the notes from Dr. Connors, Jason tries the same expirament on his aide, Cletus Cassidy. While, trying to perfect it, he turns his girlfriend (whom he regularly abuses) into Shriek. Using the stolen Oz formula, he embues the natural toxins that a rotting corpse gives off, into his lead scientist, because they could not find a willing test subject, Jason did it himself, and forced the expirament. He then used the Oz formula to perform the same expirament Osborne did on himself, only with minor tweeks that permanently set the victim into goblin form, and their skin produces sulfer, and can ignite to the point of flight. Desparate for more, he took a taranchula and Ozed it with Human DNA.

With his super team created, the Carnage symboite begins to repond, and Cassidy informes Jason he had only been using him to gain the powers, so he could kill Jason and have an open relationship with Sandra. And Cassidy does so, allowing the symbiote to feed on Jason's body. He and Shriek (now absolutely nut-so, because of the expiraments performed on them) rally up the other three and Name them as the children of their relationship, Carrion, Demogoblin, and Doppelganger.

As the 'dad' of the family, Carnage demands bodies to feed on. And so, the murder spree begins. And now, Spider-Man interviens, and is badly beaten, only to be saved by SHIELD. Carnage and Family retreat as SHIELD mobilizes a 'non-militant team' of Super-humans to counter-Carnage (this idea will absolutely rock if the Ultimates do split from SHIELD). Made up of Spider-Man, Daredevil, Venom, Black Cat, and Moon Knight.

Carnage and gang begin to ravage NYC again only to be interupped by Ultimate Cloak and Dagger. Cloak, a Morpheus dressed kid, with the bility to teleport and cover others in darkness and teleport them wherever via smoke generated from his skin, and Dagger (dresses similar to the chick who dressed in white in the 1st Matrix Movie) with a cross tatoo on her right eye, who can generate light, heat and razor sharp 'light' weapons. Both of them steet punks think that Carnage's crew is on their turf. While hopelessly trying to beat them, they are rescued by Spider-Man and crew.

After safely getting Cloak and Dagger away from Carnage's gang, a fight breaks out as Daredevil and Spider-Man argue the value of life and that Killing Carnage, Shriek, Carrion, Doppelganger, and Demo Goblin isn't going to solve anything, the team splits. Daredevil, Spider-Man, Cloak and Dagger form one team, as Venom, Black Cat, Moon Knight, and their new recruits, Punisher and Elektra go off another way.

While Venom's crew chases after Carnage's, Carnage and gang break Ryker's wide-open. Here, Venom's team engages Carnage's and the two teams face off, as the prisoners of Ryker's escape. Including Kraven, Sandman, and Electro (recently transferred from the Triskeleon).

As the Venom and Carnage team square off at Ryker's, Spider-Man and crew are trying to rally up the convicts. Human Torch, left behind from a inter-dimensional trip made by the other three Fantastic Four, joins the fray to catch the criminals. Spider-Man, desparate, calls his girlfriend Kitty, to ask for aid from the X-Men, Kitty tell's Spider-Man that she'll pull together any of the X-Men willing to come. Breathing a sigh of relief, Spider-Man hears 'You made the call a little late, son.' Spider-Man turns to see Captain America, Hawkeye, Falcon, Qucik Silver and Scarlet Witch.

Shortly thereafter, Wolverine, Shadow Cat, Nightcrawler, and Angel arrive to aid as well. At Ryker's all But Venom have been beaten down, from Venom's team. Venom is cornered by all five members of Carnage's crew. Using Shriek to weaken the symbiote, they take Venom captive and leave the rest.

Spider-Man, Daredevil, Cloak, Dagger and Human Torch arrive to find that Venom's team has been beaten and that Venom is missing. They take the members of the team to the Fantastic 4 sick bay, and plot from there. Spider-Man figures that the only way to beat Carnage, would be fire or electricity, since those have been the way he has beaten symbiotes in the past. The team heads out once agian.

The Ultimates/X-Men finnish sweeping up the criminals, and head out, to wait out Carnage and his gang. However, using Daredeil's radar sense, Spider-Man and team find out that Carnage's team is hiding at liberty Island. So they head there where the mother of all fights ensues. Barely achieving victory, SHIELD arrives to place Carnage and crew under arrest. They search for Venom, but once again, has gone missing. Fury informs Spider-Man and team that they have earned their keep of Super abilities, and never have to serve for the US government, and not have them taken away. Ends with Daredevil and Spider-Man philosophizing about super-hero-dome.
I like how things happen farthur in the story, Although the start could use a little tweaking. I guy going ape-**** with a bottle of Oz like a kid with a magnifying glass doesn't exactly sound like the strongest of roots. The ending is also very weak. Nick would never do say any of that. Everyone and everything that has super powers either have his strings attached to them, Or they're contained.
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Dr.Strangefate said:

Um... do we really need a 'Maximum Carnage'?

No, but it's fun to speculate about in the 'Basseless Ideas and Speculation' thread.
Doc Comic said:
I like mine better. Except that I do like your Carrion idea.

Of course you like yours better, Foo! like mine better too! :D

On a serious note though, I di like your idea, really. I just put out my 2 cents (to be vertually honest, I put that together on the spot).
Hawkeye101 said:
Of course you like yours better, Foo! like mine better too! :D

On a serious note though, I di like your idea, really. I just put out my 2 cents (to be vertually honest, I put that together on the spot).
Yeah, me too. I find that the best ideas come on-the-fly instead of through planning.

I seriously did like the Carrion idea, though. He does look like the bastard child of Ultimate Green Goblin, after all.
Hawkeye101 said:
No, but it's fun to speculate about in the 'Basseless Ideas and Speculation' thread.

I'm just saying that I don't think Maximum Carnage should happen... Period.

It's nothing against either of the two plots, i just hate that rather than: "let's write a great story using these great characters" it's "Let's write Ultimate Maximum Carnage"

(say Ultimate Maximum Carnage out loud... heh)
Doc Comic said:
Okay, I've thought of an awesome new storyline.


Don't you mean Ultimate All-Stars?

I'm not a fan of the Amalgam Universe, but Dr. Strangefate #1 was the first comic I bought on my own... and Plus he kind of rocked a lot... I mean... Doctor Fate, Doctor Strange, AND Charlie Xavier? No wonder he's the big boss of the Amalgam Universe.

But still, I think I have a viable point above... its the same problem I have with the Clone Saga being Ultimized.

It's a Sales Gimmick, not a Story.
Dr.Strangefate said:
Don't you mean Ultimate All-Stars?

I'm not a fan of the Amalgam Universe, but Dr. Strangefate #1 was the first comic I bought on my own... and Plus he kind of rocked a lot... I mean... Doctor Fate, Doctor Strange, AND Charlie Xavier? No wonder he's the big boss of the Amalgam Universe.

But still, I think I have a viable point above... its the same problem I have with the Clone Saga being Ultimized.

It's a Sales Gimmick, not a Story.

Yaaaaaay! My 600th post!

Anyways, I have to agree with you on that.

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