Ultimate Morlocks


Dec 4, 2005
I think one of the more interesting set of characters in the 616 X-Men titles were the Morlocks. I would LOVE to see something in Ultimate X-Men surround them. The concept of a group of mutants who feel as if they can't possibly fit into society do to horrible tranformations that turned them into abominations or for other various reasons is a classic. The resentment some of the Morlocks must have felt toward most of the X-Men who were "normal" enough to fit into society is a compelling story line in my opinion.

I was thinking about how the Morlocks should be Ultimatized, and I couldn't decide on whether or not it would be better to create all new Morlocks or to Ultimatize the classics from 616. I more or less decided that it would be best to do something in the middle. Take Callisto and Marrow maybe, and some others, but then also creat a few new characters as well.

Any thoughts on an Ultimate Morlock story arc?
I think they should make them truely hideous. The versions I saw werent too bad, sure they looked a little ****ed up but some like Callisto were still passible. They need to show exactly why they are down there with the sewage.
Seeing an arc like that would definately make me like Ultimate X-men a little better. The first couple arcs were very dark and battled with more adult themes, the newest couple one's that came out seemed to be dummed down a little, you know for the kids, I kind of want x-men to turn into that dark stroyline again.

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