Ultimate Mystery


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Sep 15, 2004
Ultimate Mystery

After Nick Fury finds out something massive is about to hit Antarctica, he sends a research team into investigate. At the exact same time, Reed Richards gathers the Fantastic Four and sends them on a trip to the very same place. What is going to hit Antarctica that could threaten our very species? Find out in the pulse-pounding Ultimate Mystery series written by ProjectX2 and coming soon!

Sounds a bit like Ultimate Nightmare but it's actually totally different.
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It sounds great man. Aeroth, go ahead and do it. He's been telling me to, but I figured that's up to you, since you started the solits.
Yes, you can add it to the solicts thanks.
I have decided to give out some information about this Mystery. It's a small three-issue crossover between the Ultimates and the Fantastic Four and it's been an idea I've been thinking about for a long time. Post your guess's here as to what you think the mystery will be...
Well, I'm sure once you read the first story you'll find out...
It isn't much of a mystery if you give away in the first issue, right? :) Kidding, of course... I'm sure there will be reprecutions to whatever it is that's going to hit. Personally, I think it's going to be Galactus.
Well, the exact Mystery doesn't come in the first issue but it leads up to it... I don't know about the name Mystery though. I want to call it something different but it will give away the Mystery.
Well, you're the only one to guess so far... Ice will know since he's going to edit it... Maybe I should change it so you all think it's something but then it's something completely different like Paste Pot Pete and Howard the Duck!
Ice, an editor now, are we? :) You're editting Project AND Aeroth on top of your moderating and writing? You've got your job cut out for you!
Ice is the best! He is the man with many hands... Okay, here's the first chapter of Ultimate Mystery. Hope you like...

Ultimate Mystery:
Chapter #1: Discovery

The Triskelion, New York

Nick Fury, head of S.H.I.E.L.D., was typing into his laptop at his desk. He had asked to be undisturbed as there was something he must attend to. As he drank his regular double shot latte, Fury heard a strange beeping noise come out of the computer. After a few seconds, the beeping stopped and a small window popped up. It was the latest satellite readings. He had them sent to his laptop every time there was something important. He opened the attachment that was with the window and almost instantly a picture appeared. It was a photograph. It had been taken by one of the S.H.I.E.L.D. satellites. The photo was of something alien, something big.

"Holy $@#%!" Fury said reaching for his phone. He picked up the phone and pressed 2, speed dial for tech department.

"Hello?" Came the reply of one of the "geeks" that Fury had nicknamed them.

"This is Fury. I've just got a picture from one of the satellites and I just want to know is that thing freaking real?" Fury yelled into his phone.

"Well, yes. We don't actually know what it is, except that it's bigger than the Eiffel Tower and it's headed straight for Antarctica, sir." The "geek" said.

"When will it hit?" Fury asked.

"We believe it will be less than 24 hours, sir."

"Damn. I guess there's no way to stop it either then?" Fury asked impatiently.

"No sir. None of our secret weapons that we designed in Area 51 can stop something that size, sir." The "geek" said nervously.

"Fine." Fury simply said as he hung up. He looked back at the picture and began to think. It was bigger than the Eiffel Tower and it was going to hit Antarctica in less than 24 hours. They didn't know what it was, whether it was dead or alive, or if it was even anything at all. What Fury needed to know was if it was dangerous. He would need people to examine it, research it and possibly even fight it. He needed a team. And Fury had a special team in mind. He picked his phone back up and this time dialled in a number.

"Nick, is that you?" A voice came from the phone.

"Hank, we got a problem," Fury replied. "Pack your bags, you're going on a holiday."

The Baxter Building, New York

Reed Richards studied the satellite readings that NASA had given him. He was scared yet amazed. What was this thing that was heading for Earth? It was incredible. He had never seen anything like it before. I must investigate it, he thought. I must see what this is for myself. He walked out of the room and into the hall.

"Sue! Ben! Johnny! I need to talk to you about something!" Reed yelled.

"Don't need to scream in my ear, Reed." Sue whispered turning back into her visible form. She had been standing near Reed the whole time. Johnny ran up to Reed and Ben was not far behind him.

"What's up Reed?" Johnny asked.

"Well, you know how we've been planning a trip?" Reed said. "Well, I thought we could all go to Antarctica!"

"What? Antarctica's pretty much a giant iceberg. And I thought only scientists were allowed to go there?" Johnny asked looking not very amused.

"But you forget, Johnny, that I am a scientist. I can talk to the army and they'll lend us a helicopter to get there. Something huge is going to land in Antarctica, and I want to be there first when it hits. If this is successful we could be famous!" Reed said.

"Don't you mean you'll be famous, Reed?" Sue asked.

"No, we would be the family that may discover possibly the world's most mysterious thing. What do you say?" Reed asked enthusiastically.

"I'll have to pack!" Sue rushed off into her room.

"I'm in if Ben's in." Johnny said looking at Ben.

"Whoopee! Fun for the whole family!" Ben said sarcastically.

The S.H.I.E.L.D. helicopter landed on top of the Baxter Building an hour later. The door opened and out came Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne. They were the leaders of this research expedition and were supposed to pick up the Fantastic Four and take them to Antarctica with them. Hank recalled his discussion with Fury about taking them.

"Why do we have to take Richards and his bunch with us? Doesn't he have his own transportation?" Hank asked Fury pacing up and down.

"Richards is the best scientist in the world. No matter what you say, you're going to need him down there to find out what the hell this thing is. And since I'm so generous, I said I'd offer him a lift. Now you get out of here and get going. I believe you have a helicopter to catch."

Four heavily dressed people interrupted hank's thoughts. The Fantastic Four.

"Hello Hank! Haven't seen you since that project we worked together on! I hear you're an Ultimate now!" Reed yelled out as he walked towards the helicopter.

"Ex-Ultimate actually, Reed. Let's just say I had a bit of a falling out." Hank replied as he looked at his ex-fiancé.

"That's too bad then old friend, so I guess you're just the luggage handler huh?" Reed laughed.

"Oh, you always were the joker Reed." Hank grumbled.

The pilot popped his head out of the door.

"C'mon people get a move on! Fury says we've only got 22 hours left to beat this thing so hurry up!" The pilot yelled.

"Let's get going then shall we?" Sue and Janet said at the same time.


After all 5 helicopters had landed around 10 hours later, the teams had started unpacking and putting all the technology together. Apparently, they had been given some kind of new satellite dish that Tony Stark had created that they had to test. After Hank had finally installed it, he saw what Fury was talking about.

"Holy Hell, this thing is huge!" Hank yelled.

"If this thing is alive, how are we going to stop it?" Janet asked a slight look of concern on her face.

"That's where I come in. I have built this special ray gun that when pointed at a certain co-ordinate will tear open a small portal in the time and space continuum and open a black hole and send this baby back into outer space. I call it the vacuum." Reed said boldly.

"Hey Reed, is that that thing that never works properly?" Johnny asked.

"Well, there have been some technical difficulties…" Reed said while Hank grinned.

Hank walked over to Janet and watched her set up her tent. After a while he walked up to her and patted her on the back.

"I'm sorry, Jan. I know you think I'm a jackass but I just want to tell you, I'm truly sorry." Hank said.

"What do you want Hank? The only reason I'm here is for my scientistic abilities, not so I can talk to you all day." Jan replied angrily.

"Well I was thinking about, um, about how we could get back together?" Hank asked.

"Are you crazy? You nearly killed me! I'd never get back with you for a million dollars! You hear me, we're finished!" Janet stormed out of her tent.

"You'll be sorry, Janet, I promise you, Yellowjacket will have his revenge…" Hank mumbled under his breath.

Fury had managed to send in one hundred soldiers along with fifty different scientists and engineers. And if they couldn't handle it, then he had the entire Ultimates team in reserve. What ever it was, Fury obviously thought it was something important. Important and dangerous. Johnny Storm was the youngest person there, and he knew nothing of all this scientist talk. He was only here for the trip. Johnny got out of his sleeping bag still wearing heaps of clothes, and decided to go for a pee. He knew it was freezing cold at night so he picked up a pot and unzipped his pants. He peed into the pot and went to pour it outside when he heard the massive bang. He looked outside and saw a bright light.

"Holy $#^%!" Johnny yelled as he covered his eyes. A magnificent silver figure emerged from the light and seemed to be surfing in the air. It looked like a normal person, except it's skin was shiny silver steel and was joined to a surfboard of the same design. Many people had heard the noise and had rushed out. Many soldiers had got their machine guns and begun firing at it. The bullets only bounced off it.

"I am the herald of your doom!" The silver surfer boomed. "Your world is about to be devoured!"

"Oh crap…" Johnny said.
Hey, I really liked tihs story. Nice job for your first chapter. Silver Surfer huh? Well, looks like GW was right! AH HERE COMES GALACTUS!!
Thanks Ice! Maybe I could change it, but it's a bit too late now... Galactus is coming! Run for your lives!
The Ultimates will be more involved in the final fight...
Other than Hank's lamely tactless attempt to get back together with Janet, I found this first chapter pretty good. The story is set up very nicely; there's a main plot going on, and you have already introduced a few side-stories. Nice job.
The Hank bit was added in to make it a bit longer. My next fic might bring up an Ultimization of a character I like to call... Yellowjacket...
Chapter will be coming soon to the people are interested! After this Ultimate Mystery is finished I'm planning on working on a major Ultimate Universe crossover which will drastically change the way you see some characters...

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