Ultimate Nick Fury series in "foreseeable future"-

A mini could work, but I don't know about an ongoing. Can you give a link? Was it said if it was a mini or ongoing?
Fury seems like a character a prequel would work for. He has led a pretty interesting life, to say the least, before becoming the head of SHIELD.

Ultimate Howling Commandos? ;)

Hopefully it explains his character further... School in India, fighting in some war with Wolverine, Weapon X, Super Soldier stuff... We've gotta get Fury together here.
You now what, you may be right. Just finished checking the issue, and when Logan found Fury, he already had lost his eye. But for now, my guess is still Logan until someone tells me how he really lost his eye in this verse.
J - thanks a lot...I think you just spoiled the entire Fury series Bendis was talking about. :wink:
Fury met Logan in the first Gulf War. And as Fury had two eyes before the incident where Logan escaped when the Weapon X team was ambushed by Iraqis and was missing one by teh end ofthe incident, I can assume he's talking about Logan, unless one of the Iraqis spouted off something profound before getting gutted by Logan.

Anyhow a Fury series coud focus on SHEILD's early days or alternately focus on the more covert side of SHEILD which we haven't seen a lot of. It could be used to introduce some more Ultiamte versions of heros as Fury's agents on call similar to what we see in Nightmare. I'd like to see something with Clint who is the Ultimate we know least about and possibly Natasha.
The heroism he showed during the war. If I'm not mistaken, Wolverine actually saved Fury... That's why Fury came back and stomped Weapon X. He wanted to return the favor, right?

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