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May 27, 2004
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What if Omega Red was Ultimized? Here's my idea:

Arkady Rossovich was a top-notch Russian soldier in WWII, known for his amazing fighting abilities and determination. During the war, the Russian government conscripts Rossovich into a secret super-soldier program, using some of the technology they recovered from Ultimate Vision (see Ultimate Nightmare). He was experimented on with Russia's version of the super-soldier serum, and while it worked to give him increased strength, speed, and agility, it also required him to draw upon the life-energy of other living beings,which he does through retractable coils in his arms. Sometime during the Cold War, he and Wolverine had run into each other and battled. Wolverine knocked him up pretty bad, and severed his coils with his claws. Arkady was put into cryo-stasis to repair his injuries and upgrade his abilities. His severed coils were replaced with adamantium coils, and his strength and abilities were increased using another variation of the super-soldier serum. Unfortunately, while the serum did upgrade his powers further, it also drove him a little insane, turning the already violent Rossovich into a remorseless killing machine. He broke out of the Russian lab he was recuperating in to track down Wolverine, the man who almost killed him.

What do you think?
Ultimate Gambit said:
sounds almost like the 616 Omega Red

Really? I wasn't that familiar with the 616 version other than that he was Russian and had adamantium coils on his arms, oh and the fact that he and Wolverine have a long-standing grudge. I guess I'm not that good at Ultimizations, oh well.

Regardless, this is my 500th POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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