Ultimate Secret #3 and #4 NOT delayed


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May 17, 2005
Can-Ad-Ah dont ask me where it is i don't know.
A report from comicscontinuum.com stating that Ultimate Secret #3 and #4 have been delayed until November and December, respectively, has been refuted by Marvel.

From Marvel via Millarworld: "Someone has made an error at some point regarding Ultimate Secret. According to our schedule, Ultimate Secret is still coming out according to the resolicit. #3 will be in September and #4 in October. Tom Raney is pencilling and doing great!"
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Spade said:
As comicscontinuum.com reports:

  • Ultimate Secret #3 will ship in November, with Ultimate Secret #4 in December

No reason as to why the issues are delayed 2 months from their previous shipping dates have been announced.

If this isn't a joke, I will destroy Chicago.

Are you sure this isn't Ultimate Extinction?
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icemastertron said:
I call BS! :D

Now, where's the link? For proof purposes, you know?

............it's right here


ROSEMONT, Ill. -- Leinil Yu has joined the ranks of Marvel Comics' exclusive creators and will be drawing Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine, Marvel announced on Saturday at its Ultimate Universe panel at Wizard World Chicago.

The book launches in December with whom Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada called "a major-league writer." The story has Wolverine sent to take out the Hulk and is told from both characters' perspectives.

"We learn a lot more about the Hulk and how he is different from the regular Hulk," Quesada said.

In other news from the panel:

* Ultimate Spider-Man #86 will feature Ultimate Omega Red. "Because I love crappy 90's characters," said writer Brian Michael Bendis.

* Editor Nick Lowe said an artist for the second arc for Ultimate Iron Man been chose, but could not be named yet.

* Marvel displayed several pages of Greg Land's work from Ultimate Fantastic Four #22. "Just beautiful," Quesada said.

* Ultimate Secret #3 will ship in November, with Ultimate Secret #4 in December.

* Next year's big event is Ultimate Invasion, with Bendis and an unnamed artist who has not worked in the Ultimate Universe before. It springs out of Namor's appearance in Ultimate Fantastic Four.

* The Ultimates will continue after the run of Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch. "Hopefully, you'll hear about the new creative team soon," Quesada said.

* Bryan Singer's Ultimate X-Men arc is still on, but will now probably happen later than this winter as previously announced. Singer is currently filming Superman Returns in Australia.

*takes deep breath*

****ING MARVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously, what the hell is the point of this? You can't tell me that it's either Ellis OR Raney's fault this time. They've had MORE then enough time to finish the damn thing. Plus, isn't Extinction supposed to come out in December? F*** you, Marvel. F*** YOU!
Best idea, drop the serie and **** marvel. That way they wont make money by ****ing the fans.
Hmm, I'm losing faith in he Ultimate line.
Iron-man being crappy (just read #3), Bendis is just tiresome now, and with his digging of non spidey villains because he's run out of ideas it's going to be worse. Is a writer confirmed for UXM after vaughan then? is he continuing? With Millar leaving the Ultimates, will it match up? This years big story being delayed pretty much a full year.(wasn't issue 1 of ult secret supposed to be out last december?). Th big guns of next year are a Bendis story (excuse my lack of excitement) and a fight comic.


all of them.
I do wonder as to why they're the only ones who posted it. I mean, I know that Joe Q said there's some news that's exlusive, but that's to MAGAZINES, and that was about books and artists, and what not. NOT A DELAY.

I sense a conspiracy. :shifty:
seriously, this is ridiculous. I mean US #3 was supposed to ship originally in May if I recall correctly (though I could be wrong, so don't hold it against me), so now we're looking at a 6 month delay on this book. Is it really that difficult to schedule your artists/writers so that there aren't these incredibly stupid delays? I can understand a week or two every now and then, I can even let them get away with a month, maybe two. But six friggin' months? I'm ready to jump into my car, drive to Marvel HQ, and start kicking people in their asses to get things moving as they should. My god, at this rate, we'll all be extinct before Extinction ships (I'm assuming Extinction will be pushed back as well due to Secret's lateness).
DIrishB said:
My god, at this rate, we'll all be extinct before Extinction ships (I'm assuming Extinction will be pushed back as well due to Secret's lateness).

Ultimate Extinction #1 will be coming out in June 2087. If the UU is still around then...........and if Marvel is still in business.................and if by some miracle, Warren Ellis and Brandon Peterson are still alive in 82 years..........................................

You know what this reminds me of?

Babylon 5 had finished and they did a movie called "A Call To Arms". It's set 5 years after B5, and the Shadows, an ancient race that tried to turn the universe into a war-driven chaos, have left known space. In it, the B5 crew discover that some of their less advanced servants, the Drakh, still have some of the Shadows' technology, including a cloud that is essentially a death star with missiles. And they intend to use it on Earth. The crew discover that the Drakh only have one of these clouds. They get the cloud near Earth, but they are, of course defeated. However, just as the Drakh are defeated, they launch a plague onto Earth. The Drakh plague is 100% contagious, and 100% terminal, and in 5 years, everyone on Earth will be dead. Earth is placed under quarantine. The most advanced ship in the galaxy, the prototype Excalibur, has a new crew and they go out to the stars to search for a cure with the help of the other races.

This movie sets up the spin-off series Crusade which chronicles Excalibur.

Now, JM Straczynski started doing the episodes for TNT and his first episode was them on a deserted planet, desperately searching for a cure. This isn't a 'pilot' in that we see the crew meeting for the first time. We never see that. The crew isn't in A Call To Arms. Two recurring members of the crew, an alien thief and a techno-mage are small parts in the movie. But the captain and all those guys aren't in the movie, only the ship. The idea is we jump straight into the action. And in the first episode, we discover the Captain made a deal with a lot of alien races so he could get free passage through their space to speed up the search; if after four years he hasn't found the cure, the Excalibur spends the fifth year in Earth's orbit shooting down anyone who tries to break the quarantine - and he accepts the deal. The episode is brilliant.

TNT said, "Hey, we need a pilot."
JMS, "We've got A Call To Arms. It's sets up the plague, the Excalibur, and the whole premise. We don't need an episode where they just all meet up."
TNT, "But A Call To Arms will have aired like 3 or 4 months prior to the first episode to Crusade. Everyone will forget."

JMS, compromised and wrote a 'pilot' episode where they all meet up and it's just filled with exposition and it's crap. JMS admits it's crap, but he was forced to do it.

So TNT air the pilot episode, then, the following week, air A Call To Arms.

I am as infuriated and baffled by this Crusade fiasco as I am about Ultimate Galactus' delays.

It's ****ing ridiculous and makes no kind of sense.

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