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Jun 4, 2005
How should Silver Samurai be handled in UXM? Here is my idea:

Harada Kenuichio is the son of Harada Shingen, a powerful Yakuza boss in Japan. Shingen was ashamed that his son was a mutant and disowned him. Kenuichio was exiled from his family, where he grew up on the streets. Kenuichio was taken in and trained by a mysterious organization known as Hand and became a powerful warrior. When he was 20 Kenuichio used his skills and mutant abilities (teleporting) to break into his father's HQ and killed him. Kenuichio took over the Harada Clan, increasing its power. Kenuichio begin to take and establish operations in the US. The Harada US branch, began to recruit disillusioned mutants as enforcers.

Kenuichio's sister Harada Mariko was disgusted by her bother's actions and the criminal nature fled to America. Harada Mariko was secretly mutant and was able to keep her secret from her father. Harada Mariko decided to go to the X-Men for help. Kenuichio decides to come to America and his sister back himself.

I'm not sure if Kenuichio should have samurai armour like he does in the 616 universe or just wear a silver business suit. Perhaps he should wear business suit most of the time, but wears the samurai armour on ocassion (though i think the samurai armour should be redesigned in the UU.)
I don't think there's a need to change Shingen and Mariko's last names. Ken could just be Shingen's adopted son, dropping the Harada surname and taking Shingen's.

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