Ultimate Spider-Man #63... Spoilers


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Jun 16, 2004
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Looks like the hand is actually Gwen's. It's official, she bit the dust, guys. She was lost at the hands of the genetic soup that consists of Peter's DNA, Conner's DNA, and a little bit of the ingrediants used to make the Suit... Carnage is turning about to be a great villain.

Conners and Peter's relationship is turning out to be what I had expected. Hate and hostility towards Conners after his wrecklessness... Conner's seems to be a real screw up. I'm glad Peter and his blind rage took care of him.

Also, with the cliffhanger we were given, I wonder if the Lizard will make his first appearance in Ultimate Spider-Man aside from dreams and flashbacks.
Good issue, Bendis once again gets the details just right from the Detective's questions to everyone's reactions. And that last page shot is beautiful.
Yeah, I totally agree... I would just like to see what Carnage is going to do when he and Peter meet... Since Carnage isn't totally Peter he shouldn't feel too bad about meeting his better half, though, he's going to meet his father, too... He may take this real personally!
Did anyone else pick up on the allusion to Ultimate X-Men #41? A man was talking to Jean DeWolffe about a town that was plagued by a mutant who turned them into mummies. DeWolffe claimed that it was a virus. I thought that it was a nice little tie-in to the Ultimate X-Men title. Subtle, yes, but good.
Great issue. I will be very interested to see Carnage's reaction to Peter...we already pretty much know what Peter's will be to Carnage. I could see some confusion on Carnage's part, since he sees himself as Peter, or a plea for help.
I think that Carnage thinks of himself as a cross between Conners and Peter. If you'll notice, Carnage briefly took the form of the Lizard after he killed that couple in Manhattan and he turned into Peter for a short period of time during Gwen's death... It should be interesting to see Carnage's reaction to his creators.

I would like to know what happened to Ben Reilly, too.
Conners hasn't even been attacked yet and Ben Reilly was arrested, I just wanna see what he does next!

Also, Gwen was seen in one small panel in #63... The panel shows her mummified face.
Hey, I didnt notice that. Damn! Got to check for that now. Hey Goodwill, you seem to have an eye for seeing small things like that.

"I consider this a challenge."
What did everyone think of peters lack of eyes half way through the book? What did it symbolize? Did it represent emptyness? or what?
Maybe I'm just looking at the comic to closely as opposed to "can't find a coprse's head" ice above me.
Pay close attention because Bendis often trusts his artist, Bagley, to tell the story, too. There wasn't any verbal communication about him going to jail, however, Conners is seen shocked at the entrance to ESU when he sees Reilly with his hands behind his back in shackles.
Look Ultxon, I read hat issue in a hurry, 'cuz I had to go some where and didnt notice that ok? I have not gottne that chance to read it again.

"I consider this a challenge."

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