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May 17, 2004
What did you guys think?
I thought this was the worst issue of Ultimate Spider-Man... Hopefully there is some explanation as to why in the hell this is happening next issue or this title will seriously be tarnished. You can't do something like this immediately following a tear-jerker, it's not right. Bendis just about took away from Gwen's death and Peter's decision to quit being Spider-Man.

The worst thing about this issue was it wasn't funny to me, either, when I know it was supposed to be.

Where's the Hobgoblin? I'm not looking forward to anymore team-ups...
Goodwill you hit on exactly what I was thinking. It's not that it was a bad story so much as the timing is horrible.
I have a feeling the Wolverine thing was dropped on Bendis and he did this to spite Marvel.
Yeah, Marvel probably said, "Hey Bendis, October, do a Wolverine story in Ultimate Spider-Man. What? You have a story set up to start in October? Well, set it for another time. Thanks".

Hehe, just had fun with that. :)
You know what, though? Things are going on in the series that can't be explained as "out of continuity instances". Aunt May mentioned that they were moving and she also said something about chatting with Peter about Gwen's death the night before this stupid event occured.

I'm REALLY not liking this so, again, I can't wait for the next issue for some explanation.

What's going on at Bendis' board? Are they having a field day over there? Because, right now, he deserves to get crucified! :-/
Well, I for one liked it. I found it very amusing... I always likes it when Bendis does something a little out of the ordinary with USM. I agree that the timing is a bit strange, with the events in the Carnage-arc in fresh memory. But anyway I thought it was nice with a little change of mood. And also it seems that at least some time has passed since Gwen died, with the Parkers moving and everything.

I have never been a very big Wolverine-fan, but I like the way Peter views him. In the beginning he saw him as a really cool guy, but everytime he shows up Peter gets in trouble, and now he prefers to be as far away from Wolverine as possible. I think its hillarious!

Any speculations on HOW this body-switching thing happened to them? Hopefully we´ll get some answers in the next issue, but it wold be interesting to hear some ideas. Myself, I haven´t a clue. :)
Hopefully, this is an example of the dreams Peter has been having since he gave up being Spider-Man... You know, he's being forced to be a hero one way or another by swapping bodies or something. This is why he pays a visit to the good Doctor Strange. I really hope it goes something like that or the title will seriously be crippled. I mean, if this continued without explanation, #66 would be the beginning of the end for Ultimate Spider-Man.
He doesn't like it but he's made up a good explanation that I would like to see.
I haven't read it yet, but the way it sounds I'll probably agree with Goodwill.
Well if nothing is explained in the next issue, I also consider this something stupid.

But I have faith in Bendis (believe it or not) that he will explain it all.
Im on the side of the.. hey.. lets do a lighter story so people dont think we are making Pete go all dark on everyone.. he is still a teenager.. lets not make him more depressed and depressing than he already has the tendency to be
I haven't been around the Bendis board too much recently but I saw some people sticking up for Bendis.

My feeling is this - yes, it's a fun story, and in and of itself is pretty good. The writing on it is great, actually, just like was said a few posts back about how Peter sees Wolvie's body. As an individual issue, I liked it. But the timing is terrible - Gwen's death was major and it's like there is no fallout from it now.
How would you have gone about following up after Gwen's death, then? I mean, I guess Bendis could have done a darker Spidey/Wolvie team-up, but then it would pretty much be your typical Spidey/Wolvie team-up and that's obvously not what Bendis wants to do. I could buy the whole dreaming thing cus I'm not thrilled about the whole body swap thing but that doesn't mean it wasn't a good read on it's own merits. And why are people complaining that the series will be crippled if an explanation isn't given? It's a 2 part story. The second part is hardly going to have them switch back and leave it at that. It's just complaining for the sake of complaining to complain that we might not get an explanation when we know we will.
I would rather see it be the whole dream thing, though, but would that mean that the Torch appearance is just gonna be a dream as well? It can't be cus Bendis said it is the start of their friendship in the Ultimate U, so the dream idea is starting to look dodgey already...
How would you have gone about following up after Gwen's death, then?

Some more personal stories with the kids at school, much like #65. Not joking around as much as #66 did. Peter taking agression and anger out on the next thug he meets on the streets; maybe not killing him but maybe crippling him or something...
I'm not hating on Bendis by any means, and I know he is a great writer and I don't dispute that at all, and I don't claim to be able to write his book better than him. All I'm saying is that this is not what I'd expect from him at this point in the book.
Yeah, I see what you're saying and I do agree to an extent, but I'm unsure of how Bendis could have kept that mood without it going stale very quickly. But, like you said, Bendis is writing and not me.
I just feel that there was no need to prolong Peter's grieving period, and it would have seemed abrupt anyway when a more light hearted story came along. I dunno. I'm just not as annoyed at its timing as you guys are. Still don't like the body swap thing, though. This story's a lot of fun, but I can't see it being a contribution to the series in the long term.

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