Ultimate Spider-Man #68 discussion (spoilers)


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May 17, 2004
I really enjoyed this issue. Bendis has successfully returned the book to it's roots. This is people being people, and not just a villian of the week story.

Johnny is written perfectly, and MJ's girly giggling around him was funny.

It was good to mention Gwen's death, but it should have been more heavy. That was my only complaint, and it isn't even really a complaint.

I actually liked this issue, however, I only have one complaint. There wasn't any interaction between Johnny and Peter. I was waiting for that! There friendship is going to be a strong one after this, I have a feeling, however, in this one issue is doesn't seem to be shaping up. We'll see, though, we still have one more issue left of this arc.

What I was most impressed with was the character that Bendis fleshed out for both Liz and Johnny. It seems that their roles are much larger than one might expect in MJ's life as well as Peter's. It's really cool how that all comes around. Johnny, put aside all of the funny, satirical comments that he makes to his sister, has morals and values in his life which very much reflects me... That was cool of Bendis to have him like that.
Give it time for them to meet. I can just see yet another person finding out Peter is Spider-Man.
Well, there are some people that should know and others that shouldn't. I actually wouldn't mind if Johnny knew Peter was Spider-Man.
Dude to many people know that Peter is Spider-Man. The X-Men, The Ultimates, Mary-Jane, The Six and I dont know how many other people else. But it would be cool to see Johnny and Peter fight now.
I liked the way this issue ended. I thought it was awesome how he just completely flamed-on from just his arm getting on fire. And when he was like, "I can explain this.", I just liked that ending. Issue was definetly awesome, hands-down.
Yeah, that was the most amazing picture I've seen of the Human Torch ever! I literally stared at that one page for fifteen minutes, just admiring it... It was great!
It really proves how good an artist Bagley is... Recently, people have been saying that the quality in the art has drastically faltered since he took his position on the Pulse, but really, if you look at it, it's been since the Black Cat arc, where we saw a new colorist and inker... That's where the real problems are! We need our old colorists again, methinks, and a new inker to boot!
I enjoyed this issue, it had a good ending!!
Do you think Liz is going to freak, thinking he is a mutant??? cause he is always doing that, like in the Switchroo arc, after seeing Peter in Wolverines body getting smashed by the car, shes like "we should go home for this" and the whole "uncle was a mutant"
With Johnny now in Ultimate Spiderman is he set to stay as a regular???
I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with Johnny explaining, i'm gussing the rest of the Fantastic four will come?????
I loved this issue. It was a great story, and showed that Bendis can have a great issue without Peter ever being in costume. I hope this Peter/Johnny friendship gets expanded upon and touched on in UFF, too.

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