Ultimate Spider-Man #92 (Spoilers & Discussions)

Once again Bendis never fails to deliver.

That's right. He delivered a bomb. And not a good bomb like they say in the hood. You know what I'm talking about...where you see a nice car with 34" spinnaz and you're all "Ooooo SNAP!!! Did you see that ride yo?!?!? It was tha BOMB yo!!!"

No. This was the weak same old tired Jokey Smurf bomb. The kind where you're all "Ooooo a sweet *** present?!?!?! Yeah....lemme just get this bow off and open her up." BOOM! Weak explosion in your face. :neutral:

Bendis started off strong with his last issue. The classic USM banter was back and had some gusto. With the tease of Ultimate Deadpool being all sarcastic and funny like his 616 counterpart. But then we're given this. This issue was bad. A lot of repeating....a lot....I mean a lot. See how annoying that was? Now stretch that for an entire issue. Congrats...you now have USM#92.

And you know what??? I can't get excited for the rest of the arc. History has proven to me that Bendis has had it. He actually phones in his stories for USM to his assistant. Too bad Bendis is on an old Sprint phone..........in the Galapagos Islands...........and his assistant is half-deaf in his left ear.

The whole thing just feels as if I've read it before. And I have....with a better writer.....and better artist. There was nothing I liked about the issue. And what DID Kitty say to him in his ear????

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the watcher said:
It starts off with Spidey waking up, and Deepool talking to another guy. The guy wants to take off spidey's mask. But Deepool says you have to respect the mask. They then toss spidey and the X-Men on the Island of... Krakoa! Spidey then takes down one of the bad guys and runs away. Only to run into Colossus. They then see Cyclopse's optic blast. They then help Scott take down three more baddies. The then run into Bonebreaker. Storm Takes him out with one bolt. A chopter then flies in and drops Kitty. Nightcrawler come in and Angel, Rogue and Jean comes in. Oh, and DIrishB. Angel was jus stopping by the Mansion for a visit. So your timeline is still in tack. Spidey says They kidnapped you out of your home and now they're going to kill you on TV?? Doesn't that sound rather inhumane? Deadpool and his goons show up and says, Well, that's one way to look at it. The other way to look at it is... You're sickening , unholy, genetic freaks who have no business bing alive in the first place. Pluse you animals are international mutant terrorists. We're doing the world a faver by putting uou down and we're going to entertain millions of people while we do it By the way, the guys here call me Deadpool you're about to find out why. So smile. You're about to make television history. So it looks like Mojo is behind this.

Not a bad issue. It was pretty good.

Whose Bonebreaker? Is he an ultimization from someone from 616 or is he an original character?
Ready, ready, ready, meh was pretty funny. And Ultimate Deadpool seems less annoying than 616, thankfully.

I wouldn't say this was a bad issue - definitely lots of action and guest appearances. This is the one issue in the arc that doesn't really go anywhere and probably could have been cut in half and split between 2 books. There's one in every arc; this shouldn't come as a surprise.

2.5/5. Some funny parts, but nothing spectacular.
overall I enjoyed the issue, though I didn't really enjoy Daredevil's "evil plot", or that he was an anti-mutant bigot

however, I enjoy the character, and hope he will appear on a fairly regular basis thoughout Ultimate Marvel.

3/5-hopefully next issue explains everything
I was annoyed to see the X-Men back on Krakoa. How is it that Genosha has become a robocop factory bent on killing mutants. I know every comic series has to have it's NAZI references but Genosha as the mutant killing capitol of the world is lossing its appeal. I was hoping to find out more about Deadpool's origins in this issue, but I guess if they've still got quite a bit of time to tell that story. If that fat *** mojo is just up to his old tricks I'm going to be pissed. Bendis should have something more original than just adding Deadpool and Spiderman and removing Longshot to the Most Dangerous Game arc. I liked Vaughn's take on Ultimate Longshot and it was a good arc to introduce him in, but otherthan developing Longshot's character I don't think there was anything great about the story. This is starting to look like a cut and paste story line.

I hate seeing Krakoa becoming the brawling capitol of the world. If there is going to be a brawling capitol of the world it should be the good old USA. We do it so much, we shouldn't have to be the ones who have to travel half way around the world to accomodate it. I mean no one's going to want to get in to a good old fashion slug fest, if you have to have to go all the way to South America. I mean sure it's beautiful and everything's really cheap, but with those transit times how can they expect steady travel. They should find a place in or near the US, close to an international airport, with a temperate climate, and close to plenty of urban and non-urban enviroments. I nominate Canada to host the official Slug Fest of the Ultimate Marvel Universe.

I personally love Ultimate Deadpool up to this point. He's not completely off his rocker like his 616 counterpart, but he still has some very amusing lines.

Deadpool - "Yo, Mr Spider-Man? Morning sweety. Rise and shine, time to greet the day."

Spider-Man - "What? Who...."

Deadpool - "NOW throw him overboard"

I thought that was gold. I can't wait to hear the potential verbal exchange that Spidey and Deadpool could have in the next issue. :D
It was okay I guess ... I liked the banter while he was unconscious and when he was thrown out. Not much happened this issue at all, "oh, over allready" ... kinda feeling.

Guess I'll give it 2.5 of 5, it's not that I am disliking it as much as it was kinda pointless, I'll probably enjoy the arc as a whole much more - liked the first issue more.

I like how it continues an u-xmen story :).
I liked this better than the previous issue. Just wish that Spidey was a bit more funny and less whinier. I give it 3.5/5.
Edit: Oh, and did anyone catch what Kitty said to Spidey?
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Ultimate Warrior said:
Edit: Oh, and did anyone catch what Kitty said to Spidey?

It's gibberish. Come on, don't be lazy and bring this issue a few inches away from your eyes and you'll see distinct letters forming non-sensical words.
E.Vi.L. said:
It's gibberish. Come on, don't be lazy and bring this issue a few inches away from your eyes and you'll see distinct letters forming non-sensical words.
Yeah I know. However in some cases when doing something like this, the writer have made sentences very small and removed some letters. It is very hard, but not impossible, to read it then. I wanted to know if that was the case here and, since I'm not an native English speaker, I wanted the opinion from someone that was.
Some think the gibberish roughly translates to "Would you stop looking at my top?"

No, I'm serious. Go look at the bubble again.

As for me, I thought that the issue wasn't a good one, although it did feature a lot of really funny Spidey one-liners/jokes.


(What happened to the new inker? Did they get rid of him already?)
I just read this. And while I like this little adventure, I must say that some points bothered me:

How could Storm recognize the place if she wasn't with the team when they were in Krakoa???

Angel's presence seems completely forced. I mean, it felt for me that Bendis wrote him as part of the team, and them the editor called him and said "hey, Angel left the X-Men". That ballon explaining his presence there looks like it was put there in a rush.

So Rogue is thrown off a plane and survive??? Last time I checked, she doesn't fly! However, it looks like she does when she finally appear in the end of the issue. Did I miss something??

Other than that, great interactions and funny dialogue. Cool issue.
I hope Iceman shows up in the next issue, we saw him on the plane, and none of the X-Men were asking where he is.

Also it looks to me that the events here occur after around Date Night or probably after that Boggs kid leaves the X-Men. Wolverine's nowhere to be seen, and we've seen in an UXM preview that it looks like he was going away and was wearing the exact same getup he had in Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk. It can't be the "friendly date" he had with Storm since she's here. Also we know that Kitty eventually stopped using her X-costume when fighting with Spidey in this episode, when she was still using it in UXM.
euhm... why didnt anybody mention that professor x is missing? Did i miss the explanation why he isnt there? Is he over at the ultimates contacting our big friend gah lak tus? Will this all turn out to be a test for the x-men he's making them dream? Or did the old geezer crash and burn in the jungle after he was trown out of the chopper? :D

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