Ultimate Universe Character Map


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Jan 17, 2005

This map presents all the Ultimate characters and their relation to one another. Here's the key to the coloring:

Name in black-Character is still living
Name in red-Character is dead
Name in blue-characater may be dead

Black-business deals or co-workers
Green-in love or married
Grey-family relation
Purple-member of a group

Please give any suggestions or helpful advice or if I have forgotten a character tell me! I am currently building a Ultimate Universe character glossary so be on the lookout!
WOW dude this is great. I didnt think that there were already that many people in the Ultimate Universe. Great job man.
Excellent Ultimate Batman! I was waiting for someone to do one of these.
i would like to see pics to go along with the names, but maybe i'm asking for too much
It's so good I saved it to help me with my fics! Woot!
ultimatebatman said:
thanks guys
any suggestions for improvement?

I would like to see some pictures maybe just small pics of their faces. But thats just me.
Ultxon said:
wow... just wow

Bendis boardsers had the same response.

Great work, and welcome to the site. :D
Hmm little pics the size of avatars would be best. It would make it bigger and longer to laod though... Maybe that could be version 2?
im the map im the map im the map im the map im the map

welcome aboard ultimate bruce wayne...er...all star batman....errr...ultimate batma....wait is this even the right universe??? oh i got it, its the 617..naw, im just joking with you. Nice job on the map though, :::wonders how much time you put into it:::
oh Gawd
I missed some Ultimate comics ,'cose i don't remember so many characters.
Cheers mate!
Pics would be cool too
Crimson Dynamo

The Unicorn

Titanium Man

What issues are these guys in? I don't remember who they are!

Awesome chart btw!