Ultimate What If?

Victor Von Doom said:
I haven't been watching the news in a while but has he said anything about hating Black Rangers??? :lol:

Bioman would be a much bigger threat to American homeland security.

http://www.japanhero.com/sentai review pages/bioman.htm
icemastertron said:
What if Beast and Gwen never died?.

We could actually have some better character use

What if Venom never 'left' Peter?.

Venom fans would be pissing in anticpation forever

What if Tony was actually just a smart kid?

Life would be much better

Guijllons said:
What if Reed Richards wasn't a genius and was just as bright as the rest of us?

Then I would be surrounded by one more idiot.

Victor Von Doom said:
What if Nick Fury never lost that eye?

We wouldn't know he was the ultimized Nick Fury

What if Capt America was as normal as me and you?

He'd still be bad ***
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Victor Von Doom said:
I guess. Rumsfield has already said that the Superhuman Samurai Cyber Squad don't even register a turquoise on the Terror Alert Chart.
How about a Giant Monster attack, then? Surely that would merit at least a Cookie alert.

What if this thread wasn't all that funny?


Besides, what are Bert and Ernie doing here....? BERT AND ERNIE AREN'T MONSTERS!
Besides, what are Bert and Ernie doing here....? BERT AND ERNIE AREN'T MONSTERS!

More importantly, why is Ernie a higher threat than Bert?

The N-Zone incident that gave the FF and Doom their powers provides an option for endless What Ifs. You could justify giving them any powers or forms using that. Or what if they'd gotten the minds of their alternate universe selves as well as their bodies?

Kind of off topic, but I'd love to see the universes that their forms came from. Is there a dimension of invisible people, a dimension of rock monsters, and so on? They could even be mutants and there's a universe out there where Johnny Storm (for example) was born with the X gene and flame powers. It would be a great arc to have one of the FF turn out to be a mutant and what the public fallout would be.

What if Loki had joined the Ultimates? Screw sabotaging Thor, he could use his powers and natural charisma to join and claim to be a regular metahuman. He could rise to the top, manipulating the Ultimates to cause international incidents and even war. After playing hero, he could claim Thor was nuts to even greater effect--who's this Norse-obsessed lunatic with a hammer trying to attack our trusted teammate?

What if Annihilus had succeeded in killing the FF and invaded on our universe? If I recall, he only sent a small ship through the portal after the Awesome and his real ship was much too large to go to Earth. He could use the ship as a base to mount blitzkriegs from, or use Las Vegas as a beachhead to pour troops into it, or combine the two strategies. It would be an epic threat.

What if the Mole Man's underground base hadn't been destroyed? SHIELD or the US military would be tearing up the concrete of New York to get a look at this incredible technology. Remember how much stuff there was down there in the second Ultimate Fantastic Four annual? All at once, the military would have not only that stuff, but the Mole Man's secret worldwide spy system. And his fungus men, but I don't think they'd want those. SHIELD and the US might even go to war over who gets to keep that stuff, with the Baxter Building and fledgling Fantastic Four stuck in the middle and Doom plotting to use it all to his advantage.

What if the Spider-Man cloning plan had gone according to plan? Jessica, Scorpion, ****ed-up-face clone, and six-arms clone would all be brainwashed operatives for the CIA or whoever it was that was running the experiments. With those successes, they'd be starting up a clone factory to churn out super-soldiers. Sooner or later, one of the dozens of people who've seen Peter would be wondering why the new soldiers look like Spider-Man (or why Spider-Man agreed to work for the CIA). I demand at least one "Oh god, like one of him wasn't enough" joke. Or maybe they wouldn't go with mass-production and would stick to a handful of assassins. How would it affect Peter and how would everyone react to "him" being caught killing a political figure?

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