Ultimate What If?

What If... Ultimate "Flash" Thompson had found out about Peter being Spider-Man?
What if Beast and Gwen never died?

What if Venom never 'left' Peter?

What if Tony was actually just a smart kid?

What if the 00 spider never gave Peter powers?

More as I can think of 'em.
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What If... Millar Was writing Ultimate Spider-Man & Bendis was writing The Ultimates?

What If... Alex Ross was doing the art on The Ultimates?

What If... Ultimate Spider-Man took part in the Spider-Man Movie in the Hollywood arc.?

What If... Ultimate Ben Parker Had lived?
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What If The Wasp Wasn't Able To Stop The Hulk?

What If Giant Man Had Killed The Wasp?

What If The Ultimates Had Died In Micronesia?

I got plotlines worked out for all three, I'll post them later.
icemastertron said:
What if the Green Goblin and Hobgoblin were costumes and not actual goblins?


the watcher said:
"What if... the spider bit Mary Jane?"

Ultimate Spider-Woman/Spider-Girl?

icemastertron said:
What if Beast and Gwen never died?

Bendis would kill off other people.

What if the 00 spider never gave Peter powers?

What if Kayne West was a Member of the X-men?

What if Nick Fury was plagued with the same Neurosis' as Banner?

What if Tony Stark actually managed to have his way with Laura Bush?
What if Captain America was never found?

What if the Defenders actually became major superheroes?

What if Howard Stark never invented the bio-armor coating?

What if Betty Ross didn't leave Banner for Freddie Prinze Jr.?
What If... Venom was unable to stop the Beetle from steeling a sample of the Suit?
What if Wolverine HAD killed Xavier?

What if Cyclops had never returned to the X-men?

What if the X-men had never escaped from Weapon X?
What if Pietro was female?

What if Reed Richards wasn't a genius and was just as bright as the rest of us?

What if Cyclops could turn his eye beams on and off at will?

What if Peter Parker and Mary Jane never hooked up in the first place?
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What if Nick Fury never lost that eye?

What if Wolverine never got mind-raped?

What if Professor X could actually walk?

What if Capt America was as normal as me and you?
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compound said:
"George W. Bush doesn't care about mutants!"

I haven't been watching the news in a while but has he said anything about hating Black Rangers??? :lol:


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