Ultimate X-Men #51 (SPOILERS!!!)


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Jul 24, 2004
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Just finished reading the issue, and it was great!!!! Loved how Vaughun wrote Iceman with a tougher personality. But the way that Gambit let Logans face was just crazy!! You could see his adamantium cheek and his teeth.

Oh and UltimateE, you got a new set of people to add to the first appearnace list:

The Fenris Twins.

Andrea Von Strucker: "Ultimate X-Men #51"
Andreas Von Strucker: "Ultimate X-Men #51"

The art by Kubert was fantastic! I like him on the book better than Peterson. A definet 10/10.

And the way he ended the issue with Ororo kissing Logan was cool! Overall, I give the issue a 9/10.

Well, what are your thoughts?
Very well-writen issue. I like the explanation for the Fenris Twins and why they would want Rogue - nice. Gambit is written very well again, as is Wolverine. And the last page - wha--?!?!
Well GW, the issue started off with Gambit and Rogue in a room. (Later on, its revealed that the room was in the Empire State Building.) Rogue was cuffed in metal cuffs that covered her hands. But then she kissed him, saw some old memories, got his powers and picked up some french.

Back at the park, Logans face is mostly off, with his ear down next to his neck. Then Iceman wanted to get revenge on Gambit (so did Logan) but Peter told him he couldnt because he was an "underclassman".

Rogue then broke out the room, but ran into some swat type people who were ready for her. She fought them off, all while speaking french. She broke a window plannning to escape, but then saw she was like A LOT of stories up. This is when they showed she was in the Empire State Building.

Then the Fenris Twins show up and explain everything. Why she's there, and the whole mambo jambo. The X-Men at the time were trying to find them via Cerebro, but had no luck.

The issue ended with Wolverine and Storm kissing, not far away from the [Empire State Building]!!
Loved the issue, but I feel more set up for Singer.

Since Vaughan's taken over we've seen:

1) Bobby dropped down to the lower class, despite being an orignal memberof the team (whihc he complains about quite vigorously)
2) Bobby and Rogue hook up
3) Storm suddenly gorws up and takes on a leadership role (though this seems to have come out if Beast's death and isn't entirely out of left field)
4) This issue we have Wolverine bemoaning the fact that he hasn't built up a relationship with Rogue

Any of this seem familiar? Heck if you throw beast's death in to take it back further (no Beast in Singer's
X-Men)... that's a strech I know, but one has to wonder how mauch room was made for Singer, especially as originally he was on for X3. The team at the end of ROTK was a very different one fromSinger's X-Men. As of this arc it is one heck of a lot closer. Not quite the same, but within spitting distance.
I can see that but I think this was written when everyone thought vaughan ( inc. vaughan himself) had only arc but maybe it will different when we see later arcs.
WHAT??? LOGAN AND STORM KISS!!! I so have to read this
I agree. Very cleverly done & interesting; kudos to Vaughan.
Ok. The Fenris want Rogue as an agent for them becasue of her powers. They want her to "steal" plans and what not from other companies, so their company can stay ahead of the others.

Ororo hooked up with Logan becuase he treated with respect and love that she really liked. And well, they kissed.

Iceman is pissed on this. He wants to rescue his girlfirend but cant because he was put into the "lower classman" group, and they arent allowed to go out in missions. The funny thing was when Peter told him he couldnt go, Iceman said, "Out my way, or i'll show you what temperature steel cracks at." Colossus replied, "Listen kid, I spentmy summers in Siberia, so you dont scare-" then they were interrupted by the rest of the team and headed back to the mansion.

Hope I answered you questions to the fullest!
With No talking. Also no pirate costumes. I think the whole point of that scene was to show Angel getting over his anti-aggression rather than for any particular point. It might also be a reminder that Angel is in the junior class and NC is not the biggest hard-case there ever was. The Ultimate X-men are really serious. I mean, its pretty much the only Ultimate ongoing series that doesn't have a lot of jokes. Its a different kind of comic.
Really, that seen was a comical instance to prove Storm wrong. People that don't think about how they look can get on with their lives. If Storm was at the mansion, too, she would've learned that lesson and possibly would've gotten over Beast.

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