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A group of X-Men from the future come back in time to try and assassinate the Fantastic Four-attempting to prevent the events of Ultimatum from ever happening. Who are these warriors from the future and what role will they play in the shocking scenario to follow?
48 PGS./Rated A ...$3.99

Oh boy. I hope they succeed. Then maybe Marvel can hire BKV to write an event that won't suck.

Didn't we already get Ultimate H.E.R.B.I.E. in the UFF Namor arc?

Has that stopped them before?
Well the future X-Men team looks real ****ing original.... a not so much older Rogue and Kitty, a guy who likes to dress up as Captain America and....wait for it.... of course Wolverine. I can see the shattering affects Ultimatum will have here.
I'm confused, is there an Ultimate X-Men/Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual and an Ultimate Fantastic Four/Ultimate X-Men annual or is it the same book?
I'm confused, is there an Ultimate X-Men/Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual and an Ultimate Fantastic Four/Ultimate X-Men annual or is it the same book?
It's two annuals, with the names flipped. so its UXM/UFF first and then its UFF/UXM.

Basically UXM/UFF is the POV of the X-Men as UFF/UXM would be the point of view of the F4.
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Just like the latest UXM arc, there was too much going on. I had to read it twice to realize the Franklin and the future Phoenix were the same guy. Wanted to like it, but I couldn't.
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As much as I hate it when Marvel publishes stories that suck all the way through (Ultimates 3) it's almost more frustrating when they publish a story that has potential that is wasted by disjointed story-telling and under-developed plot. I know that people coming back from a screwed up future to kill someone in order to save their time has been done a million times, but it makes for some cool opportunities to reinvent characters a little and explore some different twists. This could have been good, but it wasn't.
Can I get a synopsis?

Not much to tell. I read it yesterday and honestly it wasn't the most memorable comic I have read. I don't have it with me so this is from memory and may be short on some the "finer details" but this is the general gist...

The future X-Men come back to kill someone (Reed I assume) to prevent their future from happening. The future X-Men are Scott Summers (Captain America) who is no longer a mutant (apparently in Ultimatum mutants will lose their powers. Sound familiar?) Rogue, with control over her powers and she is dating future Wolverine, Phoenix (Franklin Richards) and Spider Kitty who in the future has the power to alter her density like 616 Vision, which she uses to slap the Thing around.

The X-Men trick the FF into thinking they left with Reed when they really didn't. The FF go to the current X-Men to get some answers and they track the future X-men back to the Baxter Building.

At he BB the future X-Men reveal that they are trying to stop a horrible future blah blah blah.

Apparently Wolverine (and this is where is gets confusing) betrayed the future X-men and let the gov't use him to make Sentinals. So this book is full Wolverine-Sentinals trying to kill everyone. So yes, they actually found a way to get even more Wolverine into an X book, which I thought was pretty stupid.

It may be heresy but does EVERYTHING in the UU have to revolve around Wolverine?

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