Ultimate X-Men/Fantastic Four Annuals discussion

I havent read ultimates 3 either yet, im waiting for the TPB.

Ultimates 3 is the worst comic ever written. Seriously.

Read Ultimates 1 and 2, then read Ultimates 3 and compare them to the first two. I guarantee you'll agree completely with what I said. There's really not one worthwhile or justifiable aspect of Ultimates 3. Its utter crap, from the first page to the last.
Seriously man, why complete it with crap? Listen, just wait, wait a month or two before you get it, at least show a dent in their sales.

Marvel Rep: See, Ultimates 3 trades have serious legs. Three months out and we are putting up as good if not better numbers than before. Ultimates 3 is a financial success, and as such, Jeph Loeb will be writing all of the books in the Marvel line starting with Captain America: Quiet!
Hey, i just read part 2 of this instead of skimming through it like last time. anyway, is Jean no longer Phoenix?

Franklin Richards/ Future Phoenix seemed to absorb Jean's Phoenix Force and there was no mention that she still retained or not. What does anyone think?

Yeah, I know it's not that important cause the series is cancelled in a few weeks but I'm just curious to think what others think.

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