Ultimate X-Men/Ultimate Fantastic Four delayed to 12/21.

I know why all these Ultimate books are getting delays...

They're trying to Ultimize the Delay!
Guijllons said:
Marvel is just a boys club who probably think they're doing the kids a favour by publishing comics at all.

Kids still read comics? I thought it was just us old men.
Supreme Power: Hyperion #3 (MR): 12/14/2005 -- 12/21/2005 <--That sucks
Ultimate X-Men Fantastic Four Special: 12/14/2005 -- 12/21/2005 <--Sucks major wodden pool
Daredevil: Father #5: 11/30/2005 -- 12/28/2005 <--Sucks for MWoF :D
Supreme Power Hyperion #4 (MR): 12/28/2005 -- 01/25/2006 <--That sucks
Daredevil: Father #6: 12/28/2005 -- 02/15/2006 <--Again, sucks for MWoF :D
Supreme Power: Hyperion #5 (MR): 01/18/2006 -- 02/15/2006 <--That sucks (again)

No news about Ultimates #9 in the update? Strange :?
ultimatedjf said:
Yesss! I love delays!
This is all your fault isn't it. And your avatar is Peter Griffin.
Spade said:
also if they delay ult extinction even one week i will come to Peter Griffins house and i will cut him
ourchair said:
I'd slice Peter Griffin into little ribbons and have him beaten to death by an angry kangaroo even if Ultimate Extinction came out on time. But that's just me.
:shock: It all makes sense now.
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Guijllons said:
Goody and MWoF are the first people to say everything about anything ever.
And don't they let you know it.

You're ****ing right I let you know it. ;) Plus, I am actually MWOF so....
[plese press for prerecording]
[end recording]
DIrishB said:
Guij: Hey Kettle!
Kettle: What, Pot?
Guij: You're black!
Kettle: I know, so are you.
Guij: Thats not the point, slag!
I'd so win in a fist fight with you.

I NEVER call out a theory that I got correct, EVER!
Clearly for one of two possible reasons.

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