Ultimates 2 #13 Cover on Marvel.com


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Looks good.

Obviously it's a wraparound, but the proportions look off. Looks like Cap will be on the front cover, real big.


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And there's Wasp, doing the dance thing in the corner
I totally called it was part of the bigger cover.

Anyways, it looks awesome and all, but Iron Man's arms look weird (too small for a human arm to fit in a metal suit), as does Thor's face (just a bit off). Everyone else looks pretty good, although I wish they still used the black accents on Scarlet Witch's costume. O well.


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I'm liking Hitch's art less and less. I feel like he's getting worse.

Thats the impression I got from the cover. Not as dynamic as it could've and should've been (being his last cover on the title and all).

The gatefold in the issue is much better than this cover.