Ultimates 2 #7 discussion (spoilers)

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Patriot Mk2

The poster formerly known as Johnny Bravo
Feb 6, 2005
Dublin, Ireland
Suprising this isn't up yet.


For most of the issue I was a little bit underwhelmed,don't get me wrong,it was great,but seemed to detract from what we all wanted.The scene between Tony and Thor was nice,it's good to see he isn't going to just be a throwaway character.As the start of the issue picked up from last issues final page,Hank's lunch seems strange.....especially considering the ending.The scene after dinner was......impressive. Not only do we have "The Traitor"'s identity pretty definatatively now,we have the possibilty that this is a faction,not an individual.And,as I said above,whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any thoughts?
Tell EVERYTHING that happend please .. I gotta wait a LOOONG time for this :(
There are 2 people I have great disdain for today.

Person #1 is the UPS driver who was late getting to my comic store today.

Person #2 is Johnny Bravo.

Yer both dink-teasers. Makes me want to disown my Irish heritage!

Give up the ID's of the traitor(s) STAT!!!

Or we will hunt you down and . . .
Refer to my above post.I would ruin it,but you'd hate me for it.I strongly encourage people not to be "spoiled",cuz the issue would really be ruined beyond regular spoilers in this case.So,in a word,no :wink:
We've had this argument before, Bravo. Since it's marked Spoilers, people should be prepared for what is said in the thread. For those of us who are waiting for the TPB's, it's not really going to matter whether we wait or not because we'll likely find out sooner or later with all of the internet buzz... So, please, if not Bravo, someone spoil us!

Yes, the thread is marked spoilers, but no one havs to tell you every detail or whatever. And please dont keep bothering people into telling you who the traitor is.
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Your wonderful use of double negatives actually indicates he should post the identity of the traitor(s).

Remember folks, the internet is not an excuse for bad grammar, nor is it an excuse to hold people hostage. If you have the info. - share it! Your adamant refusal to reveal the source actually indicates you don't know. I bet Johnny read it last year. At Band Camp. I bet his girlfriend is hot and none of us know her, either. lol.


I don't want anyone to tell "every detail" just some of the stuff that happend in the book. Overall thing.
Now I REALLY hate people.

I just called my comic shop - UPS actually lost the box with - ready for this - Ultimates 2 #7 & Ult. Spiderman 80 in it!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to have a heart attack, I swear!

Save my life Johnny, spill the beans!
No I don't? People told stuff about nr.5 ultimate and there was no prob there. Please I don't mean this to be rude or anything. Explain me so I'm with you :wink:
Here's your spoiler:

We don't know FOR SURE yet. There are several good hints (AGAIN).

Great scene between Tony and Thor.
icemastertron said:
Yes, the thread is marked spoilers, but no one havs to tell you every detail or whatever. And please dont keep bothering people into telling you who the traitor is.

Well there's no point marking it spoilers if there's no intenetions to share them!

I want me some juicy Ultimate spoilers!

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