Ultimates and SHIELD need a flagship book


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Jun 16, 2004
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The Ultimates and SHIELD need a flagship... We can't have their characters coming in and making an appearance in Spidey and X-Men every month just so they don't slink back into the shadows. Where will all of those interesting heroes go? Sure, QS and SW could return to the Ultimate X-Men cast which wouldn't be too much of a problem, however, I hardly could imagine Thor on the X-Men. Iron Man, even. We wouldn't wanna see Black Widow hanging around in the Baxter Building, now would we? We can't leave the Ultimates story open ended.
The Ultimates and SHIELD need a flagship... We can't have their characters coming in and making an appearance in Spidey and X-Men every month just so they don't slink back into the shadows. Where will all of those interesting heroes go?

Ultimates was never meant to be that kind of book. Vol. 1 was meant to introduce them, and Vol. 2 was meant to introduce the other Ultimates, i.e. the Chinese version, defenders, etc. I do believe that the Ultimates are meant to be a supporting cast and if the thought is that they don't really need their own book, well, that makes sense. They are around to clean up. The way they were used in Ultimate Six seems just about right.
No offense but, outside of the Pyms and Hawkeye, didn't the rest of the Ultimates' 616 counterparts do their own thing most of the time? I'm not especially into the Avengers (I used to watch the cartoon though), but considering we see 616 solo titles for Thor, Iron Man, and Cap... why was there any reason to think that the team would stay solidified permanently in the Ultimate-verse?
Well, I know that this sounds sort of like a cop out, maybe there should be an Ultimate Avengers title. I mean, the team could disband and something happens to Fury, like he's killed, and they are brought back to avenge his death. Just a thought... It could work! And it would probably stop all of the new age Avengers fics to have direct ties to SHIELD. That kinda annoys me! :)
Right, that's why I thought that may be another option for those characters... I don't want to see them just popping up in other titles like UltimateE described.
Then again, there are only so many things to fight. Peter's proven superior in handling the IUGMs, the X-Men are duking it out with mutant threats... I'd rather see the Ultimates show up to deal with stuff too big and nasty for Spidey or the X-Men to deal with, but there's not a significant enough quantity of those to support an ongoing title.
We're talking after Vol. 2, assuming that no one else takes over the title.
I'm of the opinion that there should always be a title in circulation that's centred around all or at least some of the team and or SHEILD. The characters are some of the best in the new continuity and need to be given room- they deserve it. I'd say maybe something along the lines of the Ultimate Nightmare/Secret/? trilogy then move on to a Captain America mini, then a third volume of the Ultimates to bring things back together, then maybe another solo title or a title involving some of the team mixed with characters from the core titles. An Ironman mini wouldn't be out of place, and a Thor title could be quite interesting or have a Tony Thor series as they're friends (and unlikely ones at that) and Tony's the only one who's belived Thor from the get go. There's a ton of possibilities, and this kind of rotating Ultiamtes set up would allow a lot of flexibility without gumming up the works with too many Ultimate universe titles at one time.
hey UltimateE, back at the old board wasn't there talk of a limited series Ultimate Captain America that was suppose to come out late 2004/early 2005?
Yes, there actually was. Millar was going to write it, and Steve McNiven was going to pencil. That, of course, can't be backed up with any facts so it's probably not true. Don't believe me! :)
Right. I think either there was some major miscommunication, bad guessing, or major plan-shuffling. McNiven is doing Ultimate Secret now, which should start toward the end of the year/beginning of next year. Remember that also Millar was rumored to be doing a big crossover at the end of the year based on a Quesada idea, then it was announced that Ellis was doing it. I asked Millar about it and he denied that it was originally him on the project, even though Ellis himself said it was something he was taking over for Millar. ;)

Ultimate Cap was from Lying in the Gutter anyway, so take it for what it's worth.
Do you think Fury's title that was announced this weekend will be ongoing? Could be our solution to no more Ultimates after Vol. 2. I should think we could expect guest appearances.

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