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Nov 8, 2004
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Ultimates: Tomorrow Men, by Jan Michael Friedman was mentioned on a thread over at the Comic Book Resources site. Tomorrow Men is a novel, not a comic title, and I've found several solicitations for it, but nothing more than the synposis. Here are a few samples:

Tomorrow Men at Amazon.com

Discount Comic Book Service

W H Smith, UK

The WH Smith site has a December release, but Amazon.com has this being published in March 2006, and the DCBS has it out this month! :? Has anyone heard anything about this book?

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THe synopsis sounds terrible. Like something out of the DC universe.

Sounds excellent. Ultimate Kang done in a deniable form.....clever move.

Strange we haven't heard of this before now?
roguefan said:
Yeah, I wonder of this is continuity or not.
I was wondering about the continuity issue as well. One of the major headaches in the Star Wars universe is the debate over whether anything outside the movies (as well as book or comic adaptations of them) are considered "canon" or not. There are literally hundreds of novels, comics, role-playing games and other spin-offs, many of which contradict each other. If Marvel is going to start releasing novels based on the Ultimate line, I think now would be a very good time to decide whether these books are going to be part of continuity or not. Or whether certain novels or series will be continuity, and the rest will be speculation or "What If?" titles.

And if the novels are going to be canon, who at Marvel is going to be responsible for making sure these books fit into what's known about the Ultimate universe at the time of publication? This is essentially "getting in on the ground floor", and a little time and thought put into where the novels fit in done now, at the beginning, should save time and trouble later on.

Patriot Mk2 said:
Strange we haven't heard of this before now?
Agreed. I was wondering if this was only news to me and everyone else on the planet knew about it. Might be worth pre-ordering this a) just to see when it will actually be shipped, and b) to find out whether it's any good or not. I'm guessing the January 2006 pub. date is a pipe dream. (Although if it's not, this novel already has one major thing in common with the comic -- it's subject to serious delays.... :D )
It'll probably end up like the Mary Jane novel which contradicted too much to be in continuity.

Then again, if the writer knows he's ****, and sets it between volumes 1 and 2, it could be possible.
It sounds...interesting. Maybe I'll pick it up but then again who knows. I'll see reviews before I get it.
If you click on the writer's name on the Amazon site, you will see he's done a HUGE number of "Star Trek" novels. That can be good or bad, depending on your point of view...

I've read some of the other "novelizations" of Marvel properties plus a number of prose novels by comics authors and what it generally proves is that there is a huge difference between writing good comics and writing good prose.
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The Ultimates' supposedly impenetrable headquarters is breached by a mysterious, tech-powered quintet who claim to be from the future. These 'tomorrow men' - or so they are dubbed by Fury - say they have come to make 'minor' adjustments in the timeline in order to eliminate a terrible threat to their era. As time goes on, the Ultimates place more and more trust in the tomorrow men, until Tony Stark shocks everyone by exposing the visitors' true, horrific agenda. They come from the future all right, but not from our future. They come from a separate branch of the timeline, one where The Ultimates don't exist, and where, after his death, Stark's company has turned the world into a polluted, anarchy-ridden shambles. Their goal is to open a rift in time big enough to allow a privileged class - their employers - to emigrate to the twenty-first century, and escape the depredations of their own time, crushing the twenty-first century's people to make room for their own.

It sounds as if this was plotted for a 616 Avengers story, but due to Disassembled and New Avengers, it's been used to make extra profit for the Ultimates. Hopefully it will be good, nonetheless.
I remember this being on here a few months ago. I'll go try to find the thread.
EDIT: OK, I found what I was thinking of here. Not sure it's the same thing, but the Ultimates book is called Tomorrow Men.
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Everyone's going blech at this, and while I do agree that it probably won't be any good, as every single novel I've read featuring Marvel characters has been crap, I don't understand why the premise is considered ewww.

Time travellers helping the past who are revealed to be sinister agents working to gain the trust of the good guys? It sounds exactly like the kind of stuff Mark Millar would enjoy writing.
If my memory serves me correctly, this dude did the adaptation of the "V" mini series when I was in high school! In the 80's.

He is a fair writer.

And give the guys that have to write that shlag a little credit. At least they're getting published.

Just thought I'd bump this. Here's the supposed cover:

Shihad said:
The cover looks pretty average, like a poor knock off of the 1st comic

It really does. There's no emotion in it. It looks like they posed an action figure and took a picture of it.
ProjectX2 said:
Just thought I'd bump this. Here's the supposed cover:


Yeah, thats been up on Amazon for a few months now. Nothing impressive, but whatever. I'm not hoping for too much from this book.

E said:
It really does. There's no emotion in it. It looks like they posed an action figure and took a picture of it.


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