Ultimatum Outcome Predictions


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Feb 25, 2008
So what do you think will actually happen?
So Magneto is out to destroy all humans. Well it might be very interesting if he got what he wanted. He shouldnt kill all humans be it would be good if he destroyed countries full of Humans. The USA should stay the same but, he should destory alot of Europe. It would be intersting. The series that follow on then could have some interesting sub-plots, like humans against the superheroes. The super-heroes have to go into hiding.
Anyway what do you think will happen.

And can someone explian the story who yellowjacket is etc please.
Yellowjacket is the super-hero name Ultron took, after killing Ultron it appears that Hank Pym will be wearing that suit.

After Ultimatum, this site will finally change it's name so we will no longer be associated with such a bucket of tripe.
Yellowjacket is the super-hero name Ultron took, after killing Ultron it appears that Hank Pym will be wearing that suit.

After Ultimatum, this site will finally change it's name so we will no longer be associated with such a bucket of tripe.


I mean, has anyone looked at the Wikipedia pages? We're still linked there.
So that this thread doesn't become one big Post of the Day, here are the questions that need to be answered.

Was Doom merely trying to provoke Magneto into going ape ****?

What the **** does Ultimate Origin have to do with anything?

Is there going to be a Watcher mini-series where all the Watchers gather and watch the earth destroy itself with a bucket of popcorn and a soda? Then, at the end of the mini, the just decide to put on Independence Day because Will Smith is a much cooler Black Panther than Captain America is.
The main plotline of the storyline will concern Magneto and Dr. Doom, who has returned from the Marvel Zombies reality without any explination. Magneto will confront Dr. Doom for being responsible for Wanda's death, but Ultimate Impossible Woman (not Man, Woman) will be introduced and the three will have a threesome because Loeb loves writing smut into comics. They will all then decide that their goal is to screw around with the heroes and mutants, because they are the mutual enemies of Magneto and Doom, and Impossible Woman thirsts for chaos.

In Ultimate Spider-Man, Uncle Ben and Captain Stacy will return. They will both promptly turn out to be Doombots, as well as Captain Stacy being Ultimate Anti-Venom. The Green Goblin, who is alive after all, and is in on the menacing with Doom and Magneto and is specifically trying to torment Peter. The Jackal, Morlun, Mister Negative, Hydro-Man, and Klaw will all be introduced as minor enemies which Spider-Man takes out in a few pages at the start of each issue. None of them will have to do with anything, and will be there just because. The reason Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #3 has the "March on Ultimatum" banner on it is because Mary Jane will reveal to Peter that she is pregnant, with the baby being conceived during the Annual.

In X-Men, half of the X-Men will turn out to be addicted to Mutant Growth Hormones, which in the UU literally makes mutants grow. So Rogue, Nightcrawler, Dazzler, Iceman, Beast, and Firestar will spend the entire time running around at Giant Man size and attacking skyscrapers without reason. The MGH will have been created by Magneto from the Wasp's DNA, and the DNA-stealing process is what changed her from Asian to white. Wolverine will spend the length of Ultimatum trying to stop his teammates, while at the same time discovering the reason he and Sabretooth are rivals is because of their hair colors and he will shout "WHAT THE #@$&?!" every five pages. Xavier, meanwhile, will be hanging out at small town bars trying to pick up underage girls.

UFF will still remain incredibly boring and nobody who reads it will remember what they just read three minutes after putting it down.

It will all come to a head in the main series where all the heroes board a Helicarrier and go into outer space to find Ultimate Beyonder, who is a Doombot that went out of control and has Phoenix-level power. All the characters will run around aimlessly and Spider-Man will fail horribly at cracking any jokes while meanwhile Thor decides that it would make the most sense if he were to speak in Anglo-Saxon. Ultimately, Rick Jones will appear near the climax, blast Beyonder will a death ray, and everyone will return to the Trisk and celebrate. Then Mephisto comes and gets Spider-Man to agree to retconning reality so that none of this ever happened and Mary Jane isn't pregnant (because promoting divorce or abortion is bad, so we need to magic it away). The end.

I'm going to regret this post tomorrow morning, I know it.
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In all honesty I am kind of afraid of an Ultimate House of M but Loeb is going to "shock" and "awe" us all when we get "No more humans" and the UU is a universe full of powered people.
No, more like we have dealings with Magneto and his family, everything we know about the world is going to change
We know Doctor Storm dies, and we have stories with just about all of the "powered individuals" solicited including Ultimate Avengers which seems to be a who's who of powered folks
... I hope I'm wrong, I'm just scared that's what is going to happen.
I may very well be wrong, but at this point I kinda doubt it will be anything other than a gathering of characters and punchfests that don't result in anything more than the deaths of this character or that character and the Ultimate books taking new directions because of "the fallout of Ultimatum" when really the new directions could have been done without Ultimatum anyway. Like Avengers Disassembled. If only because all the March on Ultimatum books appear to have nothing in common in the least bit, which I choose to believe just means that they're trying to pass off a mundane story as a huge event and the MoU books are just there to promote it even more.

Maybe it's just Millar's Ultimate Avengers has convinced me that sanity still exists and nothing too outlandish will happen. Now watch AnTwan's theory be correct.
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