UPDATE: Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #3 delayed to 12/27/06

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Its established that Betty isn't going to be She-Hulk very soon after the mini ends, as its stated in the mini SHIELD is going to somehow reverse the process for her (something that can't be done for Bruce because the "Hulk/Super soldier serum" has bonded to Banner's DNA).

And Fury, master manipulator that he is, always just wanted to control Hulk. He knows he can't kill him, so just wanted some way to move Hulk how he wanted...holding Betty prisoner and threatening her life should Hulk ever piss Fury off seems like a believable way of getting him to do what he wants. Especially after the build-up of the love/hate relationship in the mini between Betty and Banner. Thus, Hulk's appearance at the end of Ultimates 2 could be explained as Fury calling in a request for help...which in large part helped win that fight.

As for the "lets not fight anymore ending", well, did you expect otherwise? Vs. comics = "heroes fight at the beginning and team up by end" in the comic industry. We knew neither could die, since both played a part towards the end of Ultimates 2, which occurred afterward. So, without screwing up continuity, I think Lindelof's tale was a very worthy addition to the Ultmate verse. Its a side tale, no big changes in either character were going to occur, but at least it helped explain the Hulk/SHIELD/Fury dynamic post Ultimates 2, which is something I've wondered about since reading U2. And, as said, the artwork, dialogue, and action was stellar all around. Granted, the time shifts of the first several issues was annoying and almost pointless, but it didn't ruin the rest of the series for me. And as for the ending, I think it worked well in context of what could or couldn't be done with the characters continuity-wise, and explaining the relationship between Hulk and SHIELD, as I said.

Oh, and I loved the Patch nod. Cool way of going about it (Shulke poking Wolverine's eye out), but the explanation was kind of weak: "Eyes are complex machinery, takes awhile to heal". :roll:

Overall, it definitely gets a 4/5 from me.
I suppose that's fair...

Fury actually says that they're trying to reverse engineer the process, which I took as meaning that they're trying to find a way to duplicate and reproduce it, not undo it.

This makes sense- the previously unheard of Jennifer Walters quickly and casually achieved what Fury's whole super soldier think tank has been trying and failing to do; made a useable formula that can give Hulk-level strength and power to anyone, on demand, without the downside of immense stupidity, no self-control and homicidal rage (something Banner himself has kind of achieved through meditation etc, which itself you'd think warranted further investigation).

Presumably this hasn't worked though, as no Hulk Army appeared to help save the day in Ultimates 2, or indeed Ult*****m. And Jen Walters seems to have disappeared into the same limbo as Mar-vell, Sam Wilson etc. (If Loeb remembers, he'll probably have had her killed, gutted, grilled and eaten off-panel by now).

Yeah, I enjoyed Ult Wolverine V Hulk overall, but the ending was a bit lame, as Bass says. It doesn't really tie into U2 either- in that, Betty is neither She Hulk nor in a holding cell, she's still got the same high official position as before and is holding hands with Fury when the invasion hits, so there was certainly no residual animosity between them...

Ultimately (ha...) who cares? As a self-contained mini this was good fun, but we all know it'll never be referenced again and all continuity in the Ult U has been shot to hell since this thing started anyway.

...and why do they need to reverse engineer she-hulk when Jen Walters came up with a serum that will do the trick for anyone, hamsters, rabbits, whatever?

....and when did Betty/Shulk get to put her panties on mid-battle with Wolverine, between pages 6-9? Big knickers, too.

... and why in Ult 2 did they decide the way to execute Banner/Hulk would be to chain him to a ship and drop a nuke on him? Why didn't they just shoot him in the head while he was tranquilised unconscious?

...and on page one Logan makes a big deal about how he's never had to go through a "^&$%*ing airport" before. The first time we ever see him, in Ult X-Men #2, he's going through a ^&$%ing airport! (and he gets asked the same question).

...and, and, how does Ultimate Power fit in with anything?
But I'm with Mr Wogan. None of it makes much sense.
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yeah, according to wikipedia, issue #1 came out in Dec 2005, and issue 6 came out in May 2009. 3 years, 5 months.


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Did this ever come out?
Post of the Day.

Oh man you guys!!! Hulk ripped wolverine in HALF!!! This mini is going to be awesome!
Was this series not well received (story-wise, I mean. I know it got slammed pretty good for the delays)?

I really liked it, and still do. I wasn't crazy about She-Hulk but the rest of it was pretty good.

I was browsing the forum the other day and found the Shipping Update Whining Thread is still up and is even stickied still. It's funny to me that we used to care so much about shipping delays. I used to keep meticulous notes about what was coming out each week, weeks or even months in advance. Nowadays I have no idea until the books are actually out (or even a week after the fact).

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