UTMU HC available

Fuzzy Birds

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Huh? Is it really all that rare?

My shop had about, and still has, 2 or 3 copies, one of which I bought about 10 months ago for 30 euros.


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icemastertron said:
And the store where I found mine, its now closed.

Really? That must've happened pretty recently.

So...a store sells the UMTU HC for cover price and then closes...I can't help but think it's related.


I was about to break down and buy the TPBs when I found this one. Hallelujah.

And oddly enough, the store I go to in East Hartford is closed until further notice. Although I think that has something to do with the age of the owner. He ran it by himself as best I could tell, and the way it shut down without warning makes me think that perhaps he had some sort of health problem or emergency or whatnot.

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