Uxm #53 {spoilers}


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Jul 24, 2004
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Well this issue was just as some of us expected.

Rogue left Bobby to be with Gambit. But she also left the team altogether. She was also going to shoot Logan if he didn't stop beating up on Gambit! I doubt she would have actually done it.

And Bobby seems to be getting a some-what "meaner" personality. I mean, before he used to joke around with Colossus and stuff, now he's disobeying Scott, threatening Nightcrawler.

I thought the issue ended good. I did like how the final words came from Dazzler going "Yay team", obviously being sarcastic. I give the issue 8/10.

I haven't gotten the issue, but this is a very, very interesting thing going on here... Rogue ACTUALLY left? I mean, I know I brought that up, but I never actually thought that was going to happen... I thought that Gambit was going to join the team, which I guess didn't happen either. Any guess as to where they are going?

What's next for this team? I mean, sure, there is Longshot coming up, but this team seems to be falling apart!
They didn't mention where they were going. They both said that they wanted a break. Gambit said that they should take it together.

So Rogue left with Gambit, leaving the team behind her, and not looking back.

Now, EVEN more, I think the Phoenix is coming out of Jean. When she flew into the room where the Fenris where, there was {fire surrounding her!}

Man, how I wish I lived in an English speaking country. Here in Brazil Ultimate X-men is on the beginning of BlockBuster. Thanks God there is E-Donkey.
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What's E-Donkey?

Ice, what I'm saying is, the artist, Kubert, is aware that Jean has the Phoenix and he will let the reader know that she still has it by lying hints here and there, you see what I mean?

E-donkey is a file sharing network like Kaaza. It´s what I use to download new comics, before they arrive in Brazil.
icemastertron said:
Well this issue was just as some of us expected.

I disagree. I don't think anyone was expecting it. All the discussion about Gambit's appearance dealt with how crowded would the book be bringing on another team member. Well not only did he NOT join the team, Rogue left - and Wolverine is, at the very least, temporarily out of action!

Obviously the arc ended on a very down note for the team. Can't wait to see how this carries over into the Longshot arc, and specifically what is going on at the mansion next issue. Even more specifically, how will Scott handle his poor handling of the mission and his incredible lack of control over the team?

Vaughan was superb on this arc once again. I'm going to miss him when you-know-who comes aboard. :(
Well, yeah, I tend to agree with UltimateE, here... I don't think anyone thought that Rogue was ACTUALLY going to leave with Gambit.

What do you mean Wolverine's out of comission?
UltimateE said:
I disagree. I don't think anyone was expecting it.

I didn't mean the whole issue. Just parts of it. Like Rogue leaving (someone did mention that somewhere) and breaking up with Bobby.
I didn't expect that, either. I thought that Iceman made it clear how much he cared and I thought she cared that much, too. :)
Goodwill said:
What do you mean Wolverine's out of comission?

Poor choice of words, maybe...Wolverine took off. Most likely of course it was not permenant, but he could be taking a break from the team. Who knows when he will come back - maybe next issue, maybe not for the rest of Vaughan's run.
So, who do we have now? Scott, Jean, Storm, Iceman, Kitty, Dazzler, Nightcrawler, Angel, and Colossus? Hmm... It would be very interesting seeing the team stay this way for a little while, but I doubt that will happen. What I'm guessing is: In Singer's run Wolverine returns all messed up and, for 12 Wolverine driven issues, the X-Men tackle Weapon X again.
Wolverine will be back as soon as they can put him back in, like all the Ultimate X-men comics hes kicked off the team in the first arc (well he left to search for Weapon X), Return of the King and hes was pretty much back in the next issue, i don't think much would have changed, but maybe i'm wrong, i hope i am, Wolverine has to much Spotlight, i wana see the team get there butts kicked by somebody without Wolverine to go Beserk.
To bad Gambits not joining the team, but overall it was a good arc to inroduce him back in to Ultimate X-men
You don't know that. This is a totally different writer here... He may not have any plans for him anymore. I don't think he's coming back until Singer takes over because in three issues, we really don't have time to deal with Wolverine while we have Longshot coming on... Also, with Rogue gone because of Gambit, are we going to have to say goodbye to Dazzler because of LS now? Hmmm...
Personally, I'd prefer a little more developement before they just toss out Dazzler. Plus, it will be interesting to see if she can deal with his willingness to kill.
I just got the issue... I agree with all of what you guys have said but no one bothered to mention that Storm left, too. I would assume that she will be taking a seat for this next arc, too, because she's trying to find Wolverine, who left also. The X-Men seem to be in some trouble and we'll just have to see where it's going.

Dazzler is just a character to fill a spot. I wouldn't mind if she left, but, at the same time, I would like to see more of her since there isn't much Dazzler around anywhere anymore and she makes the Ultimate X-Men more Ultimate than without her.
Storm hasnt left has she? I thought she just went for a fly to get her frustrations out.

I loved this arc tho. Really enjoying Vaughans writing

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