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Jul 24, 2004
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OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! I am loving Brian K. Vaughun! This mo fo is ultimizing 3, thats right 3 characters is one arc...so far!! Bringing in Longshot, awesome. But also bringing in Krakoa, the living island from 616? Superb! And then toping it off with Arcade...can this mother f%$&# get any better?!!

What are your thoughts fellow board members?
... Also, the way I read it, it seemed like your living island, Krakoa, was just going to be another island, not anything living or breathing. Arcade sounds cool as hell, though, I can't wait to see him.

Do you think he'll translate over to something like Spider-Man?
GW - the solits are on the front page here.

And Ice just said the island was making an appearance in name. He never claimed that it was going to be a living island.
Right, right. If you'll remember, Ice, Lord Apocolypse was merely a dummy or an illusion in the mind of Nathaniel Essex's and Corsair is a place where Scott goes to day dream now... He's done away with a lot of the silliness and I think this island thing is the same as that.
No, guys. I was just sying that the island was a living mutant island in the 616. I didn't mean that it was going to be alive here. That's why I said, "the living island from 616".
I don't think that's what you were getting at, but we'll let you go! ;)

What do you guys think of Arcade being the gamesman? Does that mean he's going to be a Kraven sort of character? The hunter... I like that spin on the character.
Um, don't you think you put just a bit too many astrids there LSJL?

But I think that Longshot looks awesome. I can't wait to see more.
Sorry man - I had to junk some of those astrisks to the page loads normally. ;)
So that's why it was so long. Damn that Wolverine's finger!
I can't wait for this issue. I want to see how Ultimate Arcade is gonna look like. It's a nice change that Arcade is running a different "game" this time around.
I don't really like the way Longshot looks, really. The hair and the hands (Four fingers?) and the costume are the things that rub me the wrong way.

I hope that Arcade has some sort of connection to Kraven the Hunter because the shows are so similar...
He had three fingers and a thumb, Ice. Goody is correct. Also I hope that the costume is just part of the game he is in, red and yellow makes me think of the film "Running man".
okay ice, I am sure that Goody was making the point that Ultimate Longshot has four fingers and a thumb not three fingers and a thumb.

Normally when anyone is talking about Longshot they mention his three fingers.

matter cleared up, lets all smile and think about what the heckedeeheck ultimate mojo is gonna look like. :wink:
I think it would be cool if Ultimate Mojo was that Kraven producer guy. I do hope the shows are related anyhow.
crikey Pro, have you been reading the other threads!!! :lol: that's just the idea I kinda had, great minds think alike and all that. But with arcade running things, I'm a little concerned that he might not. I see Mojo as a fat black Don King / Jabba the Hut character. A manager who sees an opportunity to put Longshot for his good looks and Dazzler, (for her punky style and lighttype effects) together for his own shows after watching Arcade's show).
That era defining moment when Frank Miller showed the world what a truly evil man the Kingpin was could be applied to Mojo. Mojo is the spin doctor, the record producer, the film star manager. He is the man we all hate. The man with real power. The Kingpin is the power of the underworld. Mojo is the power of the real world and he revels in his fame of being the best.
Maybe because in 616 he has no legs, but artificial spider type mechanical legs, maybe we could put him in a wheelchair. As he has a lack of a spine in 616, we could make him human but paralized from the neck down. Mojo does have limited telekenetic/telepathic ability in 616 so this could be what makes him able to control what ever mechanical devices around him enables him to move. The idea that this evil, extremely powerful man is actually physically very weak due to the lack of a spine would not only be cool but also ironic.

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