War of the Supermen...


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Sep 6, 2004
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...is coming. We all knew it was too. From the sound of things they're going to be taking a Blackest Night approach to the event with the main series being tied into the closely related books.

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My 2 cents.

I've just started reading the Super-books again. What Geoff Johns did on Action was excellent, and I really like the ideas of New Krypton. But I'm nervous. There seem to be a lot of balls in the air and even tho its Robinson I'm not sure he can succeed here. Superman, especially a Superman event, is going to have a lot more editorial interference than Starman ever would. Adding The Legion is as they've been in Robinson's Superman is a bad idea. They never work well in the 20th century. In addition there are only 2 possible endings. One where New Krypton is destroyed and all the new Kryptonians are dead in which we went through 3 years of story to get back to our starting point or they survive in which Superman is no where near Unique in the DCU. And the Kryptonians just hang over the DCU.

I would love to see L.E.G.I.O.N. against New Krypton tho. That'd be awesome.
Good. I am getting tired of the filler in the current titles.
And it would solve the problem of there being too many Kryptonians in the here and now... It would leave us with Clark, Kara and Conner. But Zod would still be out in the future to come back and wreak havoc when they need him to...

The real question would be Nightwing and Flamebird, and whether they would go into the future or not. Flamebird kinda needs to, seeing as she is a religious figure... Maybe Lor-Zod/Chris Kent will become the 31st Century Superman and stay with the Legion as a representative of Krypton?
Do we know if Geoff Johns is actually contributing to this or is it just James Robinson/Greg Rucka/Sterling Gates?
I bet Johns helped plot it, but i am fairly certain that he's off Superman post-Secret Origins

I figured Mon-El would end up in the 31st Century but that would be a pretty elegant idea, and it would explain the Legion's presence on Earth in the now.

But then we have ANOTHER Lar-Gand sent from our time to the future. This is like the 4th one.

And no one cares but me.

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